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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Domination
Song:   It Ain't Fair
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dom Pachino]
Yo, yo, last man standing, welding a cannon
He's exhausted, explain to me, I shouldn't have forced it
You damn right, that's why I left you hot in your pipe
Look at cadets, so upset, try'nna vanish my stripes
It gets me hype, just the thought of them
Try'nna take my life, then run off
They can't be sight, like a thief in the night
It's kinda sickening, thinking they themself is the victim
That's why I'm standing here, and niggas with suds of blood dripping
Rarely confused, cuz I ain't got nothing to lose
I seen cats, crippled and dead, cuz friends that they choose
Broadcasting live, on the ten o'clock news
Anyway, whose to say, it can't happen to you
What you a thug, with a color or a crew tattoo
All the same, when the barrel of flames, put near you

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
Yo, it ain't fair, seem like we all in here
In prison, doing time, and nobody care
It ain't fair, cuz we had it up to here
Ya'll pushed our buttons, our reply, is we not fronting
Ya'll gon' say, we was always up to something
But we just don't care, it ain't fair
It ain't fair, and we all in here
Locked up, doing time, and we just don't care

[Dom Pachino]
Yeah, yo, I'm the last man standing
Welding a cannon, I'm wrapped in bandages
Competition approaches, we smash down, in sandwiches
No I'm not that old nigga, but that new and improved
Fucking with 4th on the beats, is like ooooooh
What you gonna do, nigga, please don't be a fool
When he dropped it in school, he could of learned from me
I held segments, quick as eyes as cameras
I was on TV, live, via satellite, floating, like a parasite
I'm hungry as fuck, looking for a bite
Looking for my next flight, don't fuck with standby, yo keep ya hands high
While I'm rocking this, stage, like I'm oxen in a cage
Going through my thoughts, like I'm just flipping through the page