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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Domination
Song:   I'm That Nigga
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
(I'm that nigga) When I enter the spot, bitches all on my dick
Haters in the corner, look at the spic
(I'm that nigga) Two heaters, tucked twice
If a nigga act up, it's gon' cost him his life
(I'm that nigga) Gear looking sharp as fuck
Got my dunns lingering, you about to get stuck
(I'm that nigga) Approach the bench, throw the book at me
Cuz if you release me to the streets, you gon' be unhappy

[Dom Pachino]
Go uptown, cop a key from papi, shoot 'em up
Take the CREAM, then slide in the navi'
And your bitch'll get fucked if she keep looking at me
And my heat don't get stuck, my revolver's uncanny
Plus my nigga's geeked up, he was sniffing the candy
Out the states, I still think the best yae's in Miami
Got plans for my family, got plans for a Grammy
Got plans for some shit, ya'll niggas wouldn't understand me


[Dom Pachino]
I don't really like these guys, they type funny style
Try'nna impress me, rocking that get money style
You stunting how, wow, I've seen it from a mile
And your clothes, to your business cards and your funny smile
Your ho approaches bogus, I think, that you should know this
Smack your face, get focused, what I did to provoke this
But I'm about to hurt these guys, and you notice
Cock, lock & load, red dot, I'm bout to blow this
Spot, like explosives, these raps should come in doses
I'm known, from coast to coast, if you know, you will notice
How I civilize guys, like Moses, still got ties with vultures
And live amongst other cultures, I speak the unspoken
Here's a token of wisdom to celebrate a better living
Eating better, plus better women
And better ways to save the children