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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Domination
Song:   Fam Mail
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dom Pachino]
Think clearly, sincerely, I write this letter
Just try'nna let you know, that it's gon' get better
More time, more pressure, beyond the measures
Son, I just seen the kid roll out on the stretcher
I seen him too, back, when I was doing my bid
But stay focused, let him know, who you repping with, kid
They straight vultures, try'nna rush me off with a foam
My man spazzed left him open, the size of the phone
Chant to Killarm, as he touched him, total's rushed him
Then they cuffed him, and duffed him, and duffed him again
It's disgusting, the shit they try'nna do to my man
They tried to do with me when I was caught inside the Devil's hands
Surrounded by the Devil's plans, but I got others
Plus I got some strong brothers, so figure it out
P.S., fam forever, see you when you get out...
I'm thinking clearer now, everytime I look into the mirror, now
I see a man, no longer see a child, though my childhood
Was wild, and fucked up, I'm trynna stick around, to see my daughter grow up
And on my V.I., she make me smile everytime she show up
She listen to my music; "Daddy, when you gonna blow up"
Very, soon, I promise, tickle her in her armpit
They try'nna make my daughter, look at me like a convict
It make vomit, when I'm all alone
I'm sick with this shit, dunn, and I wanna go home
So repetitive, in and out of jail for years
I'm a changed man, I mean, and I'm so sincere
This is the end of my trouble, beginning of my career
Let's make music, dunn...