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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Domination
Song:   Addicted to Sex
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dom Pachino]
Yo, you tell me that you love me, when you know how I feel about it
Like I'm claustrophobic, and this mic booth, is getting crowded
I've been hurt before, yeah, I've been hurt, too
But that's emotional, something that we all go through
Would it make it better if I hold you, let's take it slow, boo
I'd really like to get to know you, before I show you
Exactly how a pro do, but that's physical
And mentally, I'd like to grow with you
You see, the old me would of been all over you
Cuz your hot, but I'm not gonna ruin it for lust
I'd rather have a friendship, someone that I can trust
But if we fall in love, you know it's genuine
Because we was lovers, we was best friends
You see, I don't wanna hurt you, like I did my ex
She's a woman scorned, I probably, gave her a complex
I was really wrong, and that's why she picked up and left
And now that she's gone, I'm willing to confess
I had a disease, I was addicted to sex...