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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  The Arsenal
Song:   Stand Strong
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, uh-huh, what up
Aiyo, yo, uh, yeah, come on baby
Don't leave me all alone, come on
Aiyo, baby girl, aiyo...

[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, actually naturally, I speak factually
Aiyo, I talk in your ear real clear
It's like Dom P., all up in the air
And I take it from the front all the way back to the rear
Yeah, roll it like a wheelchair, this year
Keep away turkeys like it's, Thanksgiving
But the way I'm achieving, the way I'm living
And the way that I'm living, it like I'm trapped in the system
But I'm just trapped in my vision, mind is trapped
And they listen now they acting like they biz come
Yo, yo, please believe me, what you receive
Is what you trynna give to the needy, yo, P, don't be greedy
I ain't gon' be greedy, I'm gon' give to the needy
Yo, understand New York is trapped in the Bing
Like I'm trapped and you fucking with the new rap king

[Interlude: Dom Pachino]
Dom P, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm not alone no more
Yeah, come on, people, talk to me, throw 'em up
Throw 'em up, throw 'em up, yo
Come on... ya love me, yeah, come on
Don't leave me, come on, yeah, I'm feeling it, yeah...

[Dom Pachino]
It's like the streets where I'm coming from
My team getting green like the Gremlins
And we don't know nothing, we ain't really fronting
We gon' give you what we got, keep my fucking pockets flat like glutton
Fuck niggas, and they wanna come through like Lil' Bow Wow
But we some big gremlins, we gon' give you what you want
And we gon' get your friends, kid..
The hammers, want act like they know it
But they don't understand us...
Cuz, we really bugged, thugs, really lost
Really, caught up in the Source
CNN, be a friend, don't be an enemy or it's your end
Or it's your dead, bunch of friends, we gon' cease to the end, yo

[Outro: Dom Pachino]
Oohhh, come on, yeah, I thought
I thought we was all alone...
Come on, come with me, we standing strong
Yeah, about face, come on people
Yo, Dom P., a real shit, son, you know it
You know it, whoo, aiyo Block, what up son?
Come on, yeah, aiyo, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
Uh-huh, yeah, real shit cuz, give it to 'em how
How they really fucking want 'em, cuz, cuz, cuz
Yeah... come on, uh, fuck with this stupid
Staten Island... yeah... it's what I rep, what I rep
Muthafucka... it goes, yes, what up, son?