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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Crunch Lo, Just Da Barber
Album:  The Arsenal
Song:   Move on 'Em
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Crunch Lo]
Late on the roof, all them creep, on them fours
Hot box will spread and the fire will blow
That's how it is, nigga, that's how it grows
We want the passion, the finest of hoes

[Dom Pachino]
If I get caught, hustling bricks, I'm gonna go away
Want stress, and all this bullshit can just go away
Get locked, ain't worth my career to just throw away
As a matter of fact, I think I got a show today
After that, I'm on the road all day like Moris Day
The weather weren't too good, I didn't wanna fly today
I'mma slide in luxury Mobil, on my mobile
I'm used to being global, you don't know, I will show you
I'm a pro and I'm noble, I'm grimey with rhythm and blues
I'm soulful, got popped, got rocked, my hip hop'll roast you
Got women from coast to coast, I think I told you
Hot rocks will spread and Napalm will blow too

[Chorus 2X]

[Crunch Lo]
I got plans, to move units like grams
The rap Son of Sam, slam like a sticky
The trigger finger itchy, they ain't no bitch in me
Only a semi, with a long chrome barrel
I'm strapped with my apparrel, so call your goonies
And don't play around, where I'm from, niggas, get laid down
I move swift, straight blessed with a gift
To spit dope, so you can hang ya own self and you can tie your own hook
Can't cope with the kid, and chasing like po-lig
Yo, I straight blow ya wig from a few yards away
Let it spray like a passenger side
Yo, I'm here to rectify, who I be, rep N.Y.C.
So infinitely, smoking the finest of green
My whole aura's Baneen, plus I rock with a team
Minds with dangerous schemes and plots
Always down to rock this and the heart to rep the blocks

[Chorus 2X]

[Just Da Barber]
Come like the phantom, blast through any anthem
The shit'll burn a whole through ya speaker
The size of some tweeters, my rhymes are ether
Plus they grab ya soul like the reaper
Lines are keepers, next Summer official style steepers
Now follow the leader, follow the knowledge seeker
Follow the hollow to your dome, now it's hard to see ya
I give ya heart a seizure, and watch you fall off like a leisure
A cop a plead and then turning into a nose bleeder
Chromes beat ya, like government cracks or reefer
Now pass the heater, so I can swiss cheese the cheetah
I'm a shifty misdemeanor, slide my dick in between her
Damn, you should of seen her, had her splitting like a ballerina
I'm on my way to Pasadena, passing right between her
Blasting an Ike then Turner Tina, I'm a lonely steamer
Balls always pleased to meet ya
I'm a grown man teacher, bombing 'em like a preacher
And I'm featured on this track known as Just Da Barber
Some niggas shouldn't bother, might of cut ya father
It's a Napalm World, now, word to momma
I bring the drama like an animal, get savage like a cannibal
Head cracked, game over, nigga, I dismantled you, bitch...