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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Crunch Lo
Album:  The Arsenal
Song:   Double Up
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
I... yeah, yeah...
I'm coming in, don't be scared
Don't be scared, Dom P.'s here
Yeah... I'm gon' show my energy, man

[Dom Pachino]
Give me one good year, I'll go diamond, straight off of rhyming
Straight off the line and where I'm signing
Please keep the hate off your mind and we grinding, force to carry iron
The boys be spying in pictures, snitched, they be lying
But that's how they live and even give their own kids and
Fuck with them soldiers, and doujia's is good riddens
I put on my good mittens, we boxing, should be knocking
Shit be rocking, and them dreds be blood clotting
Dom P. keeps the shit locked in, they want some
They get some, the kid's a vet, son, from east to west, son
Third countries be the best, son...

[Chorus 4X: Dom Pachino]
Double up, whatever you got, we want double up
Smack 'em up, shake 'em down, kid, double up

[Crunch Lo]
I'm on the building, on the struggle, on my grind, on my hustle
The faces done changed, and the game remains
The beast is thicker, steroid ass, looking niggas
And white boys with toys, on the hunt for black boys
It's hunting season, you the duck, what the fuck?
Illuminati in effect, get ya vest, get ya tech
It's war and you fear, only God keep me safe
Beat the devil in the race, and my uptown's was laced
Seen son, got grams and bags of the fifty eights
The fiends went wild when they got their first taste
Devil pie, white girl, she in the corporate world
The green gets world, just to balance the earl
From the yac, we on track to blow like Iraq
It's Crunch Lo, a nigga from the Island of Stat
Now, you can bring it the front, or you can bring it to the back
We got beretta nine, m-1's and the macs

[Chorus 4X]

[Crunch Lo]
Get money, get grungy, four, flip like a coin toss
We in a rat race, but, yeah, I'm a thorough horse
At all costs, I gots to get mine
I'mma grind, in the snow, rain, sleet or the sunshine
Big doves and small dimes of haze
Traffic' so mean to keep you up for days
We gon' burn the streets down like we gon' burn the stage
I'm here to spread arms, and drop the Napalm

[Dom Pachino]
Now I try to triple up, quadriple til my pockets is filled up
It's simple enough, not complicated and such
Sell CD's like keys and pounds of that good stuff
On blocks where, either you're tough or your scuffed
Then ya bluff, will be called simple enough
Keep ya shit rocked like Tommy did Paulie in Rocky
Spit fire and smoke broccoli, ain't a damn thing gon' stop me
I be damned if I move sloppy, napalm, nigga, don't knock me