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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  4 Security Reasons
Song:   New Thingz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
New things, new thoughts, new life
New vision, new money, new wife
New car, new business, new home
I'm from New York, that's where I was born
Old things, old thoughts, old life
Old vision, old money, old wife
Old car, old business, old home
I'm from New York, that's where I call home

[Dom Pachino]
I'm out for new things, like brand new estates
With, fifty footy high iced out gates
Vehicles worht a quarter mil, and got iced out plates
Enough currency the ice out makes
Sometimes being hostile, is what this lifestyle takes
Put a niggas lights out, great, but the fights outdate
Got to pull the pipes sound blaze, now you fucking my freedom
Blue and whites on way, and that kid that I blazed
Is one step away, from flatline, now will that ice stick around
Or will that ice melt away
And see the way when I come out, for my penetentiary stay
And the new things I was doing was seeming old some way
And that new car I was driving is A&T today
And my new wife is old and her hair's all gray
And my business hit rock bottom cuz the boss was away
So watch what you do kid, and watch what you say
Cuz new things turn to old things, every day


[Dom Pachino]
I drop lines, harder than nickels with ice on 'em
I'm hot, caliente, my beans have spice on 'em
Throw ice on 'em, Dom P'll get nice on 'em
Cut the lights on 'em, without a slight warning
Have you peeps morning, as I wake up in the morning
Feel all tired and shit, I was gon' stop rapping
But I'm too young to quit, besides the fact, I feel like the shit
This track sound like a hit, lyrically I'm sounding my best
These niggas not original, they sound like the rest
Let me get some shit of my chest, I feel like I'm stressed
Everyday's another obstacle, it seems like a test
I blew my main, once I acknowledge the game
Made the transition, from the streets to the fame
From the, block to the stage, it's the shit that I live
That I, write on the page, and one is the loneliest number
Next to the number two, so I doubled the trouble
Made it, harder for you, to cope with, the dope shit
I even made it possible for you sniff and smoke this