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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Crunch Lo
Album:  4 Security Reasons
Song:   Hardbody
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
4 Security Reasons... (yeah)
4 Security Reasons... (reppin' it hardbody)
4 Security Reasons... (one more time, man, yo, yo)

[Dom Pachino]
Listen to the music play, sound like a melody
Guns up, for all my troops, that share the same pedigree
I'm knee deep in the shit, but wont let it bury me
I shine off the family tree, sorta like a cherry be
Hold a desert e., so steadily, I've been
Working to the bone, man, I need some therapy
All this damn drama, man, please just it be
The deal is, you can keep your life just don't discredit me
Play my shit entirely, don't you edit me
My music is medicine, it heal people mentally
My music is responsible, it brings back memories
People have pads, not tendencies

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino]
4 Security Reasons (yo, we rock the body-body, reppin' hardbody)
4 Security Reasons (fuck around, yo, we might catch a body)
4 Security Reasons (yo, we rock the body-body, reppin' hardbody)
4 Security Reasons (fuck around, yo, we might, end the party)

[Crunch Lo]
I'm in here with the gremlins, they got the cases pending
They don't care, want the hammer's up in here
In the square with the hoodies, we don't follow no dress code
We looking for the goods, the ices, watches and gold
The yap' shine commitee, smoking on a fitty
Of the purple haze, piff still, beat a nigga stiff
So go on with your riff-raff, my verbal blast'll
Light a nigga ass, if you light in the ass
Better squeeze your 'juice', like you Bishop
Or get picked up, by the big blue steel, get spinned like a wheel
Anybody get it, nigga, I ain't with it
In the 2K and change, dude, we straight bang

[Chorus 2X]

[Dom Pachino]
Yo picture perscribing drugs like a pharmacist
Peelin' niggas wigs back oranges, I'm talking bout squads & shit
I was raised where if you got good shit, then guard your shit
And disappear, into thin air, when the NARC's appear
That garbage, nigga, don't even try to bargain here
We starving here, got to keep my conscious clear
But they created a monster, bang the hammers and sparks'll flare
That's why I always come prepared, got to keep my shit planned out for the year
The only way I don't live it out, is if they take me off of here
And I doubt that, guns and ammo, I got that, bulletproof, I got that
Goons, also known as my platoon, check, I got that
Getting money, I'm bout that, so don't cha doubt that
Check it, listen I think my name speak for itself
It's Dom P., a/k/a Top Shelf, a/k/a I'm doing good, check the slide in
the stealth

[Outro: Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, man, this is to all my die hard P.R. Terrorist fans
Ya'll niggas know who ya'll are, man.. all day
You heard me? I'm doing this shit for ya'll niggas, man
Terrorist shit, giving ya'll what the fuck ya'll want
You heard me? You fucking heard me?