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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Infinite
Album:  4 Security Reasons
Song:   Gunz Out
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dom Pachino]
Guns out, I had to spark 'em
Bitch moving too fast, I had to park 'em
Iced up, beard of a Lincoln, sparked him
Had a mansion, out in Boston
Knocked from my hood, but I've been seen in here often
Back and forth from Boston
Catch me stinging, and put 'em off in a coffin
Driving off in a porsche and full extortion...
I win against a loss, fam
It's the linger, the don, call me the boss-man
You a fool, you ain't know Dom P. had this shit sown nigga?
Military shit, bitch, yo, man...
You fucking liar... you deserve this hell fire

Didn't you know, eventually you come off those keys
Didn't you know, you mention me, and you get on your knees
You little lame ass, dick face, silly cock sucker
Your man hit my best friend, now I gotta plug ya
This coke and dope, fill the gasoline up
Been fucking your wife, she's wetter than Katrina
You had to know, we ain't play them games
Tell the devil that his fire ain't got shit on me

[Dom Pachino]
But how much we hold, big g's, nigga please
He got stocks in Tiffany's, got rocks on miss thing
Got blocks on listening..., he specialize in the ching-ching
And he, invented, that bling-bling
I'm bout to begin, pull a sting like wrestling
They poor, confessing, you get a minute to West Wing, nigga

Duck tape 'em up, throw this pussy in a river, that'll wake him up

[Dom Pachino]
'Goes around, comes around, learned that first hand
I blamped you, and got blamped, then, sent to the can
Lifted weights in the can, hop the gate in the sand
Plus I politic, I got the best rate on the land
Of course around the hood, they know me, dope
I pay my dues no more for free, you gotta me broke
Don't be lazy, stack bread like crazy dough
I chop you up, eat breakfast, like crazy choke

I need a check, body bag
The Hill, lakes, body's splash
The V's sick, turbo's dash
Which are safe, heading back to the lab
The kids all alone, cuz you thought you was slick
Silly muthafucka, now you food for the fish

[Dom Pachino]
You fish on the bis', potato head you can knish
Since I got a heart, I'm gon' grant you one wish, nigga

Poppy walk the tight tope, jugglin' with knives and then cut your own throat
My Penelope Cruz flow, it's there for real, just keep with so-so
Don't be wrong, no promo
The dude had it coming from being a homo
This ain't Chappelle, these men is no joke
Better get a grip, you done slipped on the soap...