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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Chi Chi
Album:  4 Security Reasons
Song:   Gangsta Lean
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah... I'm gotta that house
I promised you, mommy, I ain't forget
It's what it is... man...

[Dom Pachino]
Yo, I flipped it on 'em, like I'm flipping the 'caine
I'll whip it on 'em, like I'm whipping the chain
I shitted on 'em, now the shit ain't the same
I didn't mention, that they mentioned my name
See my attention is, to strengthen my game
Did they mention my power, did they mention my fame?
Did they mention my struggle, did they mention my pain?
Did they mention my game, and all the ice in my chain
Did they mention how I went through sleet, snow, hail and rain
And my music drive my neighbor's insane, I'm re-inventing the game
They can't stop me, the beast, they can't stop me
I slide on the track, like I'm playing hockey
Smoke woppy so hot, they can't shot me
Got 'em bidding like crazy, but I'm indy til they pay me
What I'm worth, and make sure the radio plays me
It's the worst when they can't hear it, my fans go crazy
And each promoter don't play games, just pay me
Show me the money, show me the ladies
Show me a good time, and the show will be crazy
In my lifetime, I wanna get a whole lot of dough
A lot of cash, like Jay-Z

[Chorus 2X: Chi Chi]
Cruising in the city, cruising
Sun roof top, sun roof top
Diggin' the scene, diggin'
With a gangsta lean, with my gangsta lean

[Dom Pachino]
Picture me cruising in the city, rims spinning
It looks like I'm winning with my sun roof top
It's yours truly, Dom P., and you know I rep that real hip hop
I take it back to the block parties, with my shell tops on
Where the reek of marijuana was strong, and when the DJ
Plays ya favorite song, you got your dance on
Back when Milk was chilling, and Giz was chilling
I was playing catch-n-kiss with the shorties in my building
Drinking 40's, straight illing, that was that teenage shit
Now my daughter's a teenager and shit
I'm like wow... times done changed
Faces did too, but the game remains
The same and the boys in blue, still fuck with us
Can't even go to a corner store to buy a Dutch
Without, being harassed, or, being asked for I.D.
By N.Y.P.D., they're trash, but I'm legit, so please run my shit
And officer when you're done, do me a favor....
And suck my dick!

[Chorus 2X]