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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  4 Security Reasons
Song:   Do it Myself
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah... get off the couch, muthafuckin' slouch...
Where's your work ethic? Niggas gettin' rich off this shit
And I all hear is blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah
Come on, duke... man

[Dom Pachino]
Fresh 'em up, make 'em soft, watch out, break 'em off
Wipe 'em off, take 'em off, for trying to invade the source
Pay the boss, don't make me say the chorus
If I have to chase you, it's mine, you know you gon' face the nine
All in due time, you see your life's on the line
Guess there's better ways to doing things, but when you not screwing things up
The kid'll be so simple, but you made it corrupt
We could of planted a seed, but you made me bust a nut
In your face, for acting like a slut
What a waste of talent, make me embrace the violence
I can't respect the nonsense, because you don't make sense
But I respect the progress, cuz it's paying my rent
And every red cent I earn, and fake nigga I burn, and
As the world turns, it's not my concern
I'm try'nna make what's right, with the wrong I've been dealt
I'm try'nna take a flight, and build with myself
And I would do what no one in my crew had the balls to
I will fight til I run this shit, even if I crawl through
No wood or metal is hard enough to saw through
Your the hardest working dude, P, that's what they call you

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
I need some help here, I can't do it myself
But if I have to, I'mma do it for self
Good with an Arm, and a Leg Leg Arm, we still form a Head
I guess in some weird way, we still fall ahead
Resurrect myself, I once was dead
But I'm living instead, Napalm is how I'm moving my head
I'm a baker man holding this bread
And if you live by the gun, you still die by the lead

[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, I live by the gun, the rusty one, trusted none
From my experiences, my life conditioning
I find it interesting, how I mentally capture 'em
And sprinkle jewels on their forehead, like water at a baptism
Getting right and exact with 'em, I had to detach 'em
Because they'are was nothing happening
And my fund was subtracting, as a matter of fact they gone
It put me in positions to make bills, I'm'attracting 'em
But if it don't work out, I'm putting a mack to them
I'm taking a stack for them, bet that'll have an impact in 'em
I just want what I got coming, for being so stunning
My lyrics quite cunning... and my music like nothing
You heard me, watch me take 'em to war, man...
On some one-two-three-and-a-four
If I ain't gon' do it right, I ain't gon' do it all
You wanna see how I do, catch me live on tour, man...
If you don't like how I be, then you don't like me at all, man, man


[Outro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah... P.R. Terrorist, shit, the return...
Ya'll just gettin' put up on my shit now?
You never heard of me? Come on, man... quit slacking, nigga, Gil!