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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Just Da Barber
Album:  4 Security Reasons
Song:   Brotherhood
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Just Da Barber]
Yeah... brotherhood...

[Chorus: Just Da Barber (Dom Pachino)]
From 14 to 49, slippin' clothes, baggin' hoes
Selling nicks and dimes, those was the best times
(Man, those were the good times, we used to argue
Who gon' the dimes, police patrollin', we were holding nines

[Dom Pachino] (Just Barber)
I'm holding mines (I'm holding mines)
We both looking fine, we both ain't doing time

[Just Da Barber]
Picture me and Dom P. before no mustache, we used to cut class
Grab the baddest chick's ass, and then laughed
My mom said you led the wrong path, but yet, you gave me math
That's why I'm leaving niggas in a blood bath, feeling the after wrath
Of what it's like, to fuck with our life
Nowadays niggas is trife, I watched men turn mice
But I stay precise, while ripping this mic device, I earn stripes
And strap pipes to my waist for fights

[Dom Pachino]
Just it seems like we always had a mustache, we used to cut class
Keep trees in a stash, boning little cutes in the grass
Behind IS-49, drinkin' 40's and cisco, while my little pistol shine
Like a nickel, having fights, ripping niggas bristels
Finger popping, tongue kissing, little Grace in the staircase
Sucking on her nipples, they had a funny taste
I just reached puberty, you couldn't tell me nothing
Ain't you could to me, I was a minor
Young, dumb and full of cum, your mother said
If I keep it up, I'll be a bum
But no matter how I turn out, you'll always be my dunn
Brothers from another mother, but sons of the same gun
Napalm got history, roots in the slums


[Outro: Dom Pachino]
Young knucklehead ass niggas, knawimean?
Word up, fam... brotherhood...