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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  1st Blood
Song:   Out of Hand
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, Yeah
I feel like they watchin me

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
You live what you speak, You speak what you know
You know what you see, You read what you sold
Sometimes shit you seek can have you leakin with holes
When shit gets out of hand
From friends to the hoes, Some even po-po
They watch when you come, So watch when you go
If you choose to sleep, You never gone know
When shit gets out of hand

[Dom Pachino]
I made a fair share of money, When I hit the block hard
Till I see a couple of niggas, Get knocked hard
Double digits, Had to be some fuckin snitches in the business
Corruptin the whole operation, That's when I switch location
And open my own station, Your boy P usin his noodle like an Asian
Won ton Don's amazin, What a hustler
Custom tracks a blazin, His voice is like Cajun
You should of seen, Do it on the stage man
Rock shows on occasion, Lets get on the same page fan
You should have seen me, Pump that gage
When shit gets out of hand
Crack head Mike showed me my first shotty
Next thing you know, I'm on the block stickin everybody
Till I, Did a bid and got focused
Then it's the return of the white lotus, One of the dopest
To ever do it, You must admit the kid can spit it
And sound good even if you didn't get it, You get it
Understand that, Shit gets out of hand


[Dom Pachino]
It usually get out of hand when you start to expand
And your Privates wanna be Generals and feel like a man
Cause you made em rich and shit
So they tell they doldgiers they betray their boss to the outfit
I can't believe the shit that comes out they mouth, Shit
Have em, Return to the essence
Embraces the pearly gate on some adios, Bon voyage, Good day mate
Quit tryin to stay and take credit for some shit that they didn't create
I edit em, Zap em, Gun clap em, Pimp em, Bitch slap em for playin Captain
The hills from the Staten, Isle where most niggas is fowl
We New York but a little different pal, 
I've been blessed with a com-plete different style
Don't try on my shoes if you aint fiendin, To walk the mile
When shit gets out of hand


[Outro: Dom Pachino]
You gotta keep that circle tight
I move like a ninja at night
But understand that shit gets out of hand
No outsiders, Only move with fam
Don't find myself in a jam when shit gets out of hand