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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Block McCloud
Album:  1st Blood
Song:   Let Me Know
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Dom Pachino (Block McCloud]
Yeah, Yeah, What up Block
(What up Dom P, What's good)
(Aight) Yeah
You round the way now huh
(Yeah man, 7 years in the hood man)
You gone show em how we do, You heard me
(Word, Let's do this) On some Latino connection shit baby
(Aight) We shuttin em down, We shuttin em down, (???)
Bitch niggas, Yo. (???)

[Dom Pachino] 
I pull it back like my foreskin and force my way in
Block it, Tracks that scorchin, Dom P will torch them
It's unfortunate, That they gone have to feel this heat
You went from BK to these Staten Island streets
And that's Targy, A block away from where I was raised
Where I did my dirt, And my snotty nose thug stays
Where I shot my first videos and fucked my first hoes
In Stapleton, You know we got plenty of those
5-0 like to lurk, But I sell plenty of blow
Where I toured and, Rocked my plenty of shows
Many a nights, Fucked pussy that was tight
Keep the pussy very tight, Cause the pussy gotta be right
I locked up, You know I set, Plenty of kites
Dom P is the realest, Feel this, Like product in your system
Purchased by drug dealers, We killers, And about to mack millions
Put metal in your mouth you about to catch feelings

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino (Block McCloud)]
(Yo whatever you wanna do, Nigga let me know)
(That's for show, On tracks nigga, I'm reppin Dom Pachino)
Whether it be green or gold play, You gotta let me know
If you need me Block holla, You gotta let me know

[Block McCloud]
Yo, Be on point like a unicorn, Shit's so tight
You need a shoe-horn to slip and rip pussies like a new born
You torn like a birth canal could not deliver
And fall like a river, It's nasty like my liver
Pass the L, I'm crash landin, Cast a spell like a shaman
You get blast to hell with my cannon
I wreck with, Reckless abandon, Your death wish I'm grantin
The natives are restless and plannin
To leave you breathless, Damnin you to deafness
Now you can't see me or hear me, Nigga fear me, I'm weary
Of the old days, And old ways when we was sold to slaves
Diggin up our golden graves
Puerto Rican proud from the tribe of ???
Makin more green then Mejo in a casino in Reno
With Dom Pachino, And jealous of the team
We can network and get work, Just tell me what you need