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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Bugsy, Wise
Album:  1st Blood
Song:   2 Strong
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
I'm too strong, you see these veins in my neck
See these chains on my neck, out the game, I respect
I'm too strong, sign your name on they check
'Fore I wavin' the tech, til ya face get indent
I'm too strong, see these veins in my arm
Been in the game too long, and I can't go wrong
I'm too strong, sorta like King Kong
But it's P.R. T, nigga meet King Dom

[Dom Pachino]
Rap's so vicious, niggas thing gats suspicious
Feel the impact delicious, niggas, we stack the riches
Slap the snitches, snap the bitch's neck
If they ain't signing checks, if they don't show respect
My fort, done built up the pain, I filter the rain
Got to keep my money dry, I'm sweet off the cane
Dude, I show you how games do
But we more like a brotherhood, I show you how fam do
If I was still down, I'd show you how Clan do
But I don't wanna get caught up in a scandal
I'm hot, sorta like candle
If they owe to they mind, then they will understand you

We love you, floating in water, we base upon land
Heavy crimes, drowning Napalm, the contraband
Import, export cocaine like Pablo Escobar
Enemies strung, but you won't get far, nigga
My gun barks and it silence the crowd
The shots loud, casualties lie on the ground
Cop sirens come and heard round the corner
I'm gone without a trace, but the scene of the crime is flooded with reports


Me and my sons stay tight like ziplock bags
Born to hustle, all I know is get that cash
In the hood we smoke piff and keep the blocks on smash
Cats like to talk dirty, got to take out the trash
They shit on my lawn, let's blow like trumpets and horns
Straight to the top, reserve for the spot, til I'm gone
Paid my dues, they fresh like the first day of school
Going hard, cuz they know I got, nothing to lose
Plus I gained a little weight, you wanna tussle with who?
I put in work, so you can't knock me out of my mood
I knock, numerous dudes, straight out of they shoes
For thinking I'm fool, but pardon me, don't need to be rude
But it's just me, and I'm fully paid
To take it there, to check a nigga like a pair of Nike Air's
We too strong, you better get it right, yeah
We on grind 24/7, that's all night, yea