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Artist: Dom King/Mystic
Album:  My State of Mind
Song:   Make a Tear Drop
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Make it drop niggaz...
Make it drop bitches...
Make it drop niggaz...

It can make a tear drop, when the rear stop
After you drank that beer drop this shit here and
Chill with a nigga, blowin' weed out my mouth
And plottin' for figures, niggaz and gettin' my wishes...

You know the shine that I'm spittin' is reminiscent
To what ya wishes is and whatchya wishes was and like everyone say
"Monkey see monkey does" that includes drugs or after a bitch in love
When you see me smokin' I bet you the smoke is buds
Got me paranoid as fuck in a chair like my 'Cuz
But that ain't go happen, 'cause then it'd be a faction of tramatic events
We'll kill a bunch of niggaz and shit
Usin' men as guinea pigs, and Ms. King, my Mama
Told me to "Bring the drama"
Dont never let another punk nigga ever crack on ya Mama
Dont let no niggaz bitch you like they is Osama
No offense, but a nigga sick of y'all hits
That's why I make my own shit, to sound out his
Got me polishin' my flow after a round with a bitch
Told her that my wrist go be big as Andre The Giants
Cept Imm'a be black producin' like Andre The Giant
Let it drop


...Oh shit the rear stopped
Niggaz is clear for gettin shot, for snitchin 'bout spots
That Mystie Myst sellin' drugs nigga, like it or not
These niggaz rappin, braggin 'bout pitchin cocaine in draws
Good for y'all, but I ain't fuckin wit that, so I
Stay puffin weed inside of a caddiliac and god damn
It's f'sho that the mask is black
We sittin in backs, if you plottin to make us starve
'Cause I've starved long enough, I wanna get fat
Sit in the studio wit my new shit on blast smashin chicken and
Mashed potatoes, watchin my kids play wit legos Ain't no hood nigga takin'

my life on a lay low
So if you die, it's cause Mystie say so
I ain't wanna have to mold y'all weak minds like play dough
But I got to show ya what's up playa
I'm on the watch like Dre, smokin weed like Nate everyday
When you speak it ain't scarey so watch what you say
I'ma be shittin on these niggaz till I get my pay

Drop a tear for that nigga ain't here ( yeah )
Drop a tear for the ex-con wit no career ( we here )
Damn that, we comin' like fuck standards
Puttin' a finger up like 'pac to these mothafuckin' cameras

So it's practically savagery I can answer those questions
But the ones about the body we ain't fuckin' wit
'Cuz we sittin' in the street watchin' it buck then skip
Watchin' some bitches tip a dick, laughin' and shit
Differences between this shit go further than penis
My brain bigger than yours, plus I been schemin'
In my dreams screamin', while you fuckin' dreamin', so take that in nigga
And it's f'sho I'ma "Make It Drop" if haters get mad and hate
Give'em a bird a day then hydrolic on they face
See Mystic on channel eleven, insane but still rich
So it ain't go matter this my, only career bitch
Downin' Seagrams tippin' on the back porch
Tryin' to avoid a felony, or any date in a court
Niggaz put you in the state of inhuman, so I'm tryin' to do this
Props to my niggaz makin' movements, I'm self improvin'
Smokin' to Old School and groovin'...
Be careful of the choices you choosen