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Artist: The D.O.C.
Album:  Helter Skelter
Song:   Killer Instinc
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[SKIT: Phone call between THE DOC and another unnamed person]
Was riding through that muhfucker in, in little ski masks in a van
About eight of the motherfuckers in a van
(little jump out boyz)
All of em had ski maskz on with they guns out
(I bet they dont come out here in the summertime, its too hot for that
shit; fuck around and sweat they motherfucking head off)
(Yo how ya shit soundin?)
Oh its tight
Its tight
(So the DOC is back?)
Man look it here

[another telephone conversation between OJ Simpson and a friend]
(Wassup Nigga)
Oh wassup nigga shit
(aint shit what the fuck is going on 'round there)
Shit nigga with this drama, uh how you doing in there man
(-laughing- I aint used to no shit like this man, shit man STRESSED)
Shit nigga, you know a nigga down for you out here
(Ahite y'all, y'all been watching the tv round that muhfucka man)
Nigga watching everythang, we gotcha motherfucking back out here
(Yo,-whats up nigga- yeah)
How you do that shit with them gloves nigga
(laughing- I aint gon tell you no shit like that man)
Yeah I know I know
(Hey hey hey y'all been watching TV?)
Yeah man
(They got me on that shit everyday?)
Man every motherfucking day
(Sucking teeth- well thats kool thats kool, everybody need to be seeing me;
but hey what they saying about me though? They saying I did this shit, or
they saying they dont know if I did this shit?)
Man you know, anytime a nigga involved witta white bitch, nigga

[The D.O.C.]
It was recorded on eleventh of june, blood drips, the groom excited
Only later to be indicted
Rewritten so the whole thing went far from tense
Suspicion of murder, sequest for evidence
Residence, eluded to a crime scene
two sliced clean, now they got me in quarantine
Thee introduction to thee white world, nigga
'Cuz you been fucking with that white girl, nigga
They wanna stick me with a murder case
My first mind Jet, now I'm in a slow chase
To see my mama and give up, when I get back to the cut
I'm cuffed up and fucked up now I'm stuck
I know who, I know you know I do
But I aint saying shit, for they might get my ass too
and thats survival nigga, I'm on the brink
America, Justice look, witness my killer instinct

[Back to telephone conversation between OJ and friend]
(Say man you know what?)
Whats up?
(I shouldnt have, I shouldnt have done that uh high speed chase shit, man,
it made me look guilty)
Yeah man but you had to get somewhere for them country boys get after you,
you know they was already after you
(Yeah they was gonna make me guilty man either way it go)
Nigga they had they gunz cocked muhfucka(righ right) you had to get
(Yeah I dont know where they got that idea that I was about to kill myself
man, aint no shit like that happening)
'Fore that happened I woulda went out blasting witcha, you know what Im
(Righ Right)
I gotcha motherfucking back
(I mean you know, n now, n now you know they say I'm tripping over here
nigga and I'm unable to see my kids and shyt man how they doing man?)
Man you want me to go over there and get them motherfuckers? I'll do that shyt

[The D.O.C.]
Now I sleep, every morning some nigga creep up
To my six by six positioned with thee ammo clip
Saying shit like, nigga you'se a punk bitch
All that running you done nigga you aint done shit
I'm, escorted to a court room
Let the whole world speculate my fucking doom
Or I assume, Justice be a fucking joke
See they don't want me dead nigga they just want me broke
Nothing but perjury, prosecution illusion
confusion Dramatic, climatic conclusion
Put up in the box, vision
They don't like race nigga, so they wantz to see a lynching
Lets look at how they word it, they recount the verdict
Whats up with me up in the penetentiary?
The room quiet nigga, my mouth wide open
And I'm like damn them motherfuckers say I'm... {*echoes*}

[Back to telephone conversation between OJ and friend]
(Damn man this phone is getting ready to hang up man, tell my uh family my
kids I love 'em man)
Ahite I'll do that man
(Ahite peace)
Peace nigga