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Artist: Doll-E Girl & Mister One f/ Slow Pain, Fingazz
Album:  I Got Your Back
Song:   Reasons
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[Slow Pain]
Oh yeah
I like that feelings
In the city
Doll-E Girl, where you at? (Two fingers)
Throw 'em up
Use 'em both, baby, use 'em both (It feels good)

[Verse 1: Slow Pain]
O.G. pimpin' with a baby blue rolls
Cadillac spinnin' on some 22 vogues
Classic white walls
Bumpin' Paul Wall
Sittin' Sidewayz
Watch me shotcall
Dayton shinin'
With a gangsta twirl (Gangsta)
Mobbin' through the hood, I need a gangsta girl
Doll-E Girl, where you at, homegirl, hit me back
I got a
12-pack in an Al Green sack
Slow Pain (Slow Pain)
Baby girl, know my name (Come on)
Ten years strong
Pimpin' in the game
That's why they love me in the hood
Love my fleetwood
Tattooed up
L.A. Dodger blue'd up
Shell show me love, so I'm showin' it back
Mister One shotgun and he strapped (Like that)
It's like this and like that
The summertime season
Thank you Lord, oh Father
These are the reasons

Chorus: Fingazz (Mister One)
Reasons (The reasons)
The reasons why we do what we do
Come and take a ride with me
Cali livin', let me show you how it's s'posed to be
The reasons (The reasons)
The reasons why we do what we do
Come and take a ride with me
Summertime in the city, just you and me

[Verse 2: Doll-E Girl]
It's your mafiosa mama, blazin' up from the ground
I'm 'bout to light it up for all my people all around
Sweet and sassy
My pimpin' is classy
I'm the boss lady D, never place no one above me
Livin' the life
Just the way that I should
Ball like a troll, still chillin' in the hood
I'm a nightcrawl rider
Rollin' on the wires
Candy apple paint on the low profile tires
Like Slow Pain, forget the fortune and the fame
I'm a full times, you hustle, push hard, gettin' paid
Homeboy got the sac, blaze it up, pass it back
Mister One, take a hit
If ya really feelin' that
These are the reasons, homie, love always that
Looking out for each other
Doll-E Girl's got your back
Diamond Bregas
Much love for believin'
We're here cause of you
And these are the reasons

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Mister One]
It's a neighborhood love thang, when we put it down
It's a Sunday morning, clean ya ride and cruise around
The homies from the streets already at the park, chillin'
This is what I live for, the peace and the feelin'
Yeah, we keep it poppin', no matter where the party goes
We cruise nights all the way down Vegas shows
You know how we roll, 20 inch, they keep spinnin'
Recognize we havin' fun, and we keep on winnin'
We Cali livin'
You know who doing it big
Making tracks for the vets, G's and little kids
It's time to ride and grind, homeboy, we gonna shine
I love the feeling when we kickin' back in the summertime
But keep your head up and no matter what you do
Pop a cold brew and just chill with ya crew
Slow Pain
Mister One and Doll-E Geezy
This is how life should be, so just take it easy

Repeat Chorus

[Fingazz (Mister One]
Just you and me
Shooooooooooo, ooooh
The reasons (The reasons)