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Artist: DL Incognito
Album:  A Sample and a Drum Machine
Song:   Spit Forever
Typed by: {edited by DJ Flash}

[Verse 1]
This is how the underground rocks it
Addressing topics
I smoke like chocolate
Travel through fiber optics
My dick hangs low like a locket
When my shit drops, you will cop it
Faggots come out the closet
It's logic like EmagicŪ
You fucking bastard
32-tracks of raw shit/ get you blasted
Give me 48 and your niggaz will be asking
The fuck happen to him
He's gone with the wind
While I'm cashing my high-tech stocks
I drink my shit on rocks
Love a chain with rocks
Another clown gets dropped
Like bombs over Bagdad
Timberland boots nigga jeans with a sag
Straight guess and Girbauds
Just thought I'd let you know
I'm sick, cut the track cause the razor in my throat
The mic is in my coat
The bubble North Face
The treble is EQ'd like the bass
Give me three feet of personal space
With a beat that Tech Twelve laced
And I'll show you who's great
Son, I drink a whole keg
Then feel much better
And y'all niggaz rock never
While DL spit forever

{Cuts by TechTwelve}

[Verse 2]
You know how we do
Ain't fucking with you
Came with a crew
You should of assumed
My man was on the ones and the twos
So bent out of shape niggaz stuck in ICU
With a wack fucking verse nigga, I'll see you
If I can't catch you live then on ICQ
Name the time or the place
Cyber space is cool
Old fool
Not ready for the second coming of Christ
I've been here before, but this time it's with a mic
And a drum machine sample
Prime time like DL and Exampl
Niggaz get trampled
By more metaphors
Then you ever herd before
I fuck the beat like broads
Then ghost like mirages
Desert storm camouflages
I used to rock
Before I came up with Nine Planets Hiphop
Before soft niggaz became hard like cocks
Before the DJ's made DL's shit pop
From the underground up
Kick the illess shit, what!
Yo I spit to ensure that ch'all niggaz buy my stuff
This ain't no fucking bluff
Kid I'm trying to make a living
Yo you trying to make a killing
Then you stuck in the system