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Artist: Dom Kennedy f/ Too $hort
Album:  Yellow Album (Mixtape)
Song:   Don't Call Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Too $hort]
I know you think I'm lying baby, but I'm really working
I'm up all night in the studio, and I'll be home soon
Ain't no bitches here, it's just the homies baby
"Yeah right"

(You gon get me in trouble, I can't mess with you no more)

[Chorus: x2]
Girl we just bonin'
Don't be callin' my phone in the morning
I'm in the studio trying to get focused
I want to hear the song that make the girls bust that open

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
She tell me I can stick it to her
I only took one hit, after that I was addicted to it
Sometimes I just like to listen to it
I make her go (baby...) Listen to it
I love it when we take turns
I'll be careful with the wax girl, this might burn
I'm just living good off the money that I earn
Making girls drop it to the floor, and give him thigh burns
I'm pourin' that jamaican rum
Mix it with a splash of coke, I could make you one
Say she got a man that she know I'm fittin' to take her from
And you don't do it good enough if she ain't shaking nuttin'
She told me that she in love
Just like a princess she want to end up (shit)
But I'm just trying to get my wins up
I know you'll probably hate me if I ever hit your friends up

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
When I wasn't famous, I still got a lot of pussy
I know you smoking, but it's not good weed
Right now I'm on all the way on
Bitches fucking up my vibe, calling my phone
They know I only fuck with the best of 'em
Bad bitches keep choosin', shit I get with 'em
I'm a real pimp, but I don't ever wear my hair curly
And I don't ever go to sleep early bitch
It's the middle of the night, I'm still making songs
I got a text "baby when you coming home."
I said "no time soon, but you gon get some good dick when I walk in the room."
My bitch, my rap, my music, my stacks
Hella money with a dime piece, I don't fuck with rats
I only fuck with the bitches that niggas can't get
She think I'm so in love but these bitches ain't shit!

[Chorus x2]

(Girl we just bonin') [x6]

[Outro: Too $hort]
It's not always true, but most of time
I'm really in the studio bitch
I know what you thinking
"Fucking with the next bitch"
But I'm 'bout my money baby
We in the studio, up all night
It is what it is, what's my favorite word?