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Artist: DJ Unknown & Mek f/ Rise
Album:  Brothers On The Slide
Song:   Freestyle 
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"Herbs just be shittin' off the works I be kickin'"

I'm better than any soul that you know that is rappin'
Whether he never sold or he's gold or he's platinum
That's the reason your girl admires my flow
It's the same reason your kid got my eyes and my nose
You should be shinin' my shoes and tying up bows
Make you depressed till you stick your head inside of the stove
Or take a bath with a toaster
Don't get me started
The hardest, rappers get burnt like Joan Of Arc did
Spark this, rhymes that you took lightly
Are hot enough to make a white kid look like me
If he's standing too close like he's playing tight D
To fool me you gotta wake up at like three in the morning
I'm fallin' if I ain't in rap
A waste of talent like a fireman savin' a cat
Wack cats raising the track to overpower their voice
Rise, the MC
The rapper of choice
I'm out