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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album:  We the Best
Song:   The Originators
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[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Yeah, we the best, Cool & Dre
DJ Khaled, oh you think it's a game, huh?
I introduce you to Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Wish Bone
Incarcerated right now, Flesh Bone, we ain't forget about you nigga
Bone Thugs, the originators
Nigga don't get it fucked up where you got your flow from
Bone Thugs it's your time, nigga we the best!
LISTENNN! Representin all the ghettos across the world
Nigga we ghetto! We from the hood! We do this!
Let's take it to the projects
[Chorus 2X: Krayzie Bone]
It's Bone Thugs, we be them Bone Thugs
Half of this industry's swingin from our baaaaalls
It's Bone Thugs, mighty Bone Thugs
Bone Thugs, Bone Bone Thuuuuugs
[Krayzie Bone]
I told 'em I'ma get up, get out and get somethin
but I was a little bitty nothin, in the city thuggin
Never been a nigga that's never done less than 100%, the hustle is in me
My thug mentality showed me what to do to improve my salary
Don't nobody move or you could be a casualty
Why you would really wanna cross paths with me?
One nigga left and they thought we was done
Don't think you'll get rid of the twist of the tongue
They thought we was finished but we just beginnin
They want me committed for the murder one
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, my competition, ready to die
Opposition, never survive, when I get done, bustin my rhyme
I'm a criminal transformed to a lyrical bad storm
Did I mention my fast flowin lately has got my cash growin and ass showin
These niggaz can't see Bone, they already know
Came down with a style unfamiliar sound that's how we kicked in the do'
What it be like? Bone Thug nigga born and bred in the Cleveland street life
And believe we ain't goin nowhere, we permanent, posted up like street lights
We do it, still get to it, undisputed, who would of knew it
We stay the truest suited and booted
They ain't doin it like we do it, do it
[Wish Bone]
Nigga tell the truth 'fore you get in the booth
You know think about the Bone flow for hoes
I ain't nice like {?} I wanna split ya mouth
Better get you that dough you old hoes
Where's the respect when you cash that check (huh?)
Nigga break bread well bust your head (yup)
I'll bring to it the heart, rather leave 'em dead
Before my time but I'm still ahead
of all y'all (all y'all)
Like a nice bitch hit a nigga raw dawg (raw dawg)
Any nigga with him catch a sawed-off (sawed-off)
And I'm ready, I'm ready, know what it is
Nigga bow down, bow down
Nigga show some love, ain't no hoes in us
We can swing them buds, we can share some blood
Blood blood, blood blood blood blood, blood
Let a nigga loose I'ma smack him like I do (do)
I'ma come and see you, fuck that rappin in a booth (booth)
I ain't no studio or nothin my name in yo' mouth
and I'ma show you somethin, fuck it
This the first time, double back dumpin (dumpin)
Deep in the club they some suckas, rush 'em (rush 'em)
Get it how we get it, don't let the singin fool ya
We gets dirty dirty dirty
Never nervous, nah ain't no love there (ain't no love)
Just watch yo' mouth, or one day them Thuggstaz yes
They will run up on ya (on ya)
And that's when it's over cuz, we don't play no games
So when we up on ya, believe we're gonna let it rain (rain)
[Layzie Bone]
In the hood where it's good, yeah we get respect
on the industry, now it's time to bill collect
It's a promise little homie, no need for threats
We the best in the business and we breed the next
Nigga ride with a Thug on a Cleveland quest
We really ain't mad at you clones
You gotta give credit where credit is due
Why wouldn't they give it to Bone?
If you ever gave props and a massive thanks
Now you thinkin how a master think
Way back in '94, stage stayed closed
We opened the do' nigga get that bank
Flip that flow, city to city
My niggaz is gritty and ol' boy
Reppin that Bone Thug, Mo Thug, Thugline
Hit 'em with one rhyme, they be like oh boy (oh boy)
Now most of the greatest done did it
And some of the latest done did it
Rest in peace to the B.I.G.
Been 13 years and they still fuck wit it
Jay-Z done did it, J.D. done did it
Lil' Bow Wow did it and killed it
I love when a real nigga do they thang
Some wanna plead not guilty
Nigga get filthy, ain't no playa hation
Some of y'all niggaz is congratulation
Got your hand on my dick tryin to masterbate it
Let me bust in ya face since you had to taste it
Smash and takin what's rightfully mine
Nigga better check my profile
Niggaz is up in my space
Eternally this be Bone's style (Bone's style)
{*instrumental plays to the end*}