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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Nas, John Legend
Album:  Victory
Song:   Victory
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[Hook: John Legend]
Whatever it is, I'll pay the cost
I'm willing to risk it, I'll take the loss
I'll put it all on the line
In a hustler's state of mind

I'm going to make history
Just so we can claim victory (Victory)
Oh, victory (Victory)

Speedboats, three tokes and pass it
Grass lit, hitting slopes in Aspen
No coat, just an oath to stay thorough 'til we back to ashes
Driven in fly sedans to the MGM Grand
Picture lots of sand, two blondes, implants
Remy in hand, we trying to tan, deal my cards with an honest hand
A modest man, aware of any counter-scam
Palm trees, magnum Don Ps, LV monograms
Hottest girls flew from Rio
Mojitos, mucho frio, my libido
Sex so strong, without the E though
Hollow threats, we don't see those
Higher death toll whenever we roll
That process is pivotal
My pitiful poverty-struck criminals will get a Jew
Then we lounge in a Spanish-style house
‘Til it all blows over, Dolce Gabbana out

Contemplating, there is no bond with Satan
Say a little prayer for me like Aretha Franklin
For my hustlers, here's some motivation
He who has begun is half done, why you waiting?
I'm too impatient to pray, too much patience for stress
It's too much paper to rest, fuck around, you face death
I know some niggas from Astoria
That'll cut your daughter up
Like I used to cut a quarter up
Making all the bucks, banana clips I bought in Georgia bucks
Kill all you fucks, easy
I be on the golf cart, sleepy
Y'all beneath me
Y'all be at the pawn shop, pawning watches
Obnoxious, can't stop us, we shottas

Say you killing Pablo? Impossible
Nonsense, preposterous, bizarre at best
Unfulfilled promises
I feel intelligence is my wealth
However, how enormous is Nas' pockets is a pop quiz to gossipers
See me at the Oscars, looking dreamy, hood opulent
Means esoteric, how I wore it
Exoticness makes you curious to see how serious my closet is
Shareholders wanna invest in that Nas stock, it's just
We be on that real shit, luxury four-wheel shit
Niggas acting thirst on some just-got-a-deal shit
Ha, for that victory we will kill shit
Get out the way, playboy, this is real shit