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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Diddy, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, T.I.
Album:  Suffering From Success
Song:   I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Swizz Beatz] + (Diddy) + {Khaled}
(Ayo Khaled, now you know that y'all done fucked up now!) {DJ KHALED~!}
I've been waiting for a long time {how long?}
Real damn long time {how long?}
I've been waiting for a long time {how ya feel?}
Man.. (Come on man, yeah)

[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
I feel like Pac, I feel like {BIGGIE}
I'm feelin' like these hating niggas waitin' to get me
I'm losin' my sleep (AY), I'm losin' my mind (OH)
You know I go hard when it comes to mine
I feel like Pac {BIGGIE}, Pac {B-BIGGIE}

Y'all know y'all done fucked up now - ROSAY!

[Rick Ross]
Sucka walk up on me, talkin' like he know me (WOO)
Ain't no co-defendant, do my dirt all by my lonely 
Down south nigga, talkin' jam pony
Rest in peace to Uncle Al he showed me my first Rollie
Bitches want to know me, haters want to show me
But I'm so vicious Double M worth eighty tickets
Cop just pulled me over (WOO), caught up in this thing (WOO)
Take my case to trial (WOO), my juror Paula Deen (WOO)
I know they hate a nigga but he's such a major nigga
Give Chelsea Clinton the .40 when C.I.A. with us 
305 the realest (305), Ricky Ross the richest (that's right!)
Belaire on my table, I talk it then I live it
{M-M-M-Maybach Music}

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

Ayo, don't you supposed to be great motherfuckas! Let's go!

[Meek Mill]
Meek Milly...
All of you starve and I eat fast (WOO), Mulsanne when I creep past (WOO)
Blacked out I max out with the same watch on Meech hand (Free Meech)
We killin' niggas no repass (NO) my momma got like 3 Jags
You talkin' bout how you ball nigga we really gettin' that street cash
Say old money, new work, smell the caine on my new shirt
My old g said strap up and don't lay your head where you do dirt
And my momma said do school work, I was makin' that tool work
And niggas wanted me dead with a whole lot on my head
Man they hit Big in the passenger (true), hit Pac in the passenger (true)
So I'm riding round with this Mac on me and a bunch of shooters in back of us (BLLRRRT~!)
Roll up and you a dead man, head shot when we clapped ya (Bow!)
We sendin niggas to the motherland, and I ain't talkin' bout Africa

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs

Feel like it's +Me Against the World+ (uh-huh), +Bury Me a G+
My middle finger to +The World+, I'm gon' forever be a g
Pussy nigga want a witness stay armed no Biggie
When we get busy no alarms just semis
We +Pour Out a Lil Liquor+ throw it like +Straight Ballers+
We +Cradle to the Grave+ ride when +My Homie Call+
Give a damn if it mean life or death; +What's Beef?+
When +Somebody Gotta Die+, we gon' march to the steps (go)
They said +Brenda+ had a +Baby+ but she left it in the alley
One shot that +Playa Hater+ now we +Goin' Back to Cali+
Hit the time nigga, +I Got a Story to Tell+
My +Ambitions as a Rider+ got me +Ready to Die+
And +When We Ride+, +No More Pain", +We Go Hard+ as shit
Why you complainin' and you +Wonder Why We Call+ you +Bitch+
It's an +Everyday Struggle+ nigga; +Me and My Bitch+
It's unbelievable +Suicide+ I thought you would get
Said fuck me +Warning+ and the gun don't blast
+Give Me the Loot+ sorry nigga - +One More Chance+
You know this shit don't stop, keep these suckers under pressure
Hollerin' +Only God Can Judge Me+; shawty, +I Ain't Mad at Ya+
Got my mind made up, ya nigga +Can't C Me"
A paid +Thug+ nigga, that's why +Shorty Wanna Be+ me
See a kid around in your town kick in your door
I feel like Pac and Biggie +Love the Dough+, more than you know


[Outro: Diddy]
Ayo, how you gon' compare yourself to greatness if you ain't ready to be great, man?
Ain't no more to it...