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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Ace Hood, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Usher
Album:  Hold You Down (Remix) {S}
Song:   Hold You Down (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Usher] + (DJ Khaled)
I'll hold you remix {"M-M-M"} (this the remix)
I'll hold you remix - you are, you are
Be sure you got a rider beside you.. hold you down (DJ KHALED!)
I'll hold you doooown... (We The Best Music)
I'm on my waaaaay~!

My mama told me (you are) make sure you got a rider beside you
Even if you ain't have all the money, fame and the power, heh
So I found her, fly shit to jump up out of
I pick her low valley, she rock with me, it don't matter

[Chorus: Usher]
+There Goes My Baaaaby+
Together we're better, you're a breath of fresh air (yeah)
Hold this ready and I'm round
You hold me down, I'ma hold you down (now)

[Rick Ross]
Hood Billionaire takeover, ya heard me?
Uh - HUH! (Hood Billionaire) wassup?

I'ma get money nigga, smell it on my gear (chyeah)
Black Bottle boy, baller +Hood Billionaire+ (uhh)
Boots in the mud, now it's marble floors (what?!)
Staircases to the roof look like it's Heaven's door (HUH!)
Said a prayer for my woes who be dead and gone (never)
How could I let you down if you never hit the phone? (uhh)
Then they gave him all his money, make you go insane
We fucked the game, she said she knew that I would never change (whoo~!!)
Trap star, two bricks in the matchbox
Gold D's, fat boy, peanut butter top (HUH!)
I wanna spend a night with Jessica White (right)
But is a dope boy really Jessica type? (hahaha)


[Interlude: Usher]
I'll hold you remix (I'll hold you, I'll hold you.. down)
I'll hold you remix, heh
I'm on my waaaaay (to hold you down)

You just need somebody to hold you down right?
We The Best, yup
We the best at holdin' it down

She said he don't hold her down right (yeah) someday she'll be done with him (yeah)
I say there's seven days in the week, someday ain't one of them
You gotta know your work, baby, don't give 'em no discount
All of mine are dime, you see a nine, it was a miscount
And I'm the one to tell a bitch to bounce, I'm the one who gettin' this amount
I'm the one with this foreign shit, name still gettin' mispronounced
Hold up, who you held down? (huh) When you ever put bail down? (huh)
I'ma keep pickin' money up like the motherfucker fell down
It's an us versus y'all thing (y'all thing) we a small gang (small gang)
Just the two of us, baby, but we all bang
BANG, BANG BANG like what set you claim
And when they asked me that, baby, you know I said your name

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[Ace Hood] + (DJ Khaled)
Keys to the whip, key to the mansion {haha}
I fuck you while counting money, I'm just that romantic
See we be Bonnie and Clyde-in', I keep that +Heat+ like Udonis
And if it ever go down I know you won't snitch to Your Honor
That's why you draped in designer {woo!) Chanel and all kind of shit
She with the realest and all 'em lames are too counterfeit
It's been a long time and she's still holdin' me down (This the remix)
Never mind the hoes I've been fuckin' with that's out of town (let's ride!)
I done been through Hell, had ups and downs but in the long run still here
I apologize for when I be talkin' that freak shit in the air
She still moanin', I know you want it, I go to switchin' that gear
On everything, she never changed for real - that's why

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[DJ Khaled - over Interlude]
You smart, you loyal
You grateful - I appreciate that
You a genius... another one {*echoes*}

[Outro: Usher]
I'll hold you doooown... (I'll hold you, I'll hold you.. down)
I'm on my waaaaay~! (to hold you down) 
Ohh down, yeah, I'll hold you remix, yeah
I'll hold you, I'll hold you