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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ French Montana, Jeezy, Kodak Black
Album:  Major Key
Song:   Pick These Hoes Apart
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Intro: Kodak Black] + (Jeezy) + {Khaled}
What? (uhh)
{Another one, another one} (yeah)
Tear ya ass apart (uhh, yeah)
{D-D-D-DJ Khaled!} Ayy
[Kodak Black]
Ain't tryna flatter you but baby you a star
I had to come after you, I seen you from afar
When she walked in, I was standin' by the bar
Soon I saw you girl, my dick was standin' hard
And she so wet, I make that pussy fart
Pussy good, I just might buy you a new car
Girl you could come and meet my mom tomorrow
The way you walk, I thought you was a model
I'm just a regular nigga from the bottom
I hope you ain't one of them hoes that like to gossip
First I eat it then I +Beat It+ just like Michael
Yeah I rap but I don't consider myself an idol
Ain't wanna say it but I think I like you
Certain shit I just gon' do because I'm prideful
Let a nigga get a little close to you then inside you
It's okay bae, don't be scared, I ain't gon' bite you
[Chorus: Jeezy]
Love 'em with your mind and never with your heart
Yeah I'm shinin', don't you see me from afar?
We the type of niggas pull up in new cars
Sometimes you gotta pick these hoes apart
She can't wait to fuck a nigga in your squad
Real niggas wet your head and they shinin' hard
Rolex today, that Audemar tomorrow
Sometimes you gotta pick these hoes apart
One thing about that sack boy, I'ma run it up
Your favorite trapper's favorite trapper and you the runner up
Free credit say one bitch, you know I got that sauce
Really got out here and got it, I'm a motherfuckin' boss
Cause I call when I call, I ain't tryna catch no feelings
Dick rock hard, yeah I hit her with the buildin'
To all my haters, I be mad too, you gotta watch this
Pull up in them 'Raris by the twos just like they chopsticks
It ain't about the sprint lil nigga, it's about the marathon
One time for my city bitch, they love me like I'm Farrakhan
Woke up on the first, yeah I bought a couple bricks
Got 'em all off then got a suite up at the Ritz
[French Montana]
Shawty cause of you, went and dropped the roof, went and got the loot
Went and hit the dealer, went and dropped the deuce
Tried to make her mine, I'm a hustler lookin' for a buster, baby go and find 'em
See you on your Oprah gram, we can hustle, both can shine
She buy the payment, I knew that, my mind's telling me don't do that
My dick hard so I flew that, that fake love, we grew that
Take off all that Mac and let me see the real
Twisted off that batch and I can see your grill, fuck the blogs, baby chill
I pick these hoes apart
Fuckin' with her mind so much it started fuckin' with her heart
And I just play my part - I'm just seein' if you real
You wasn't with me from the start, these hoes'll tear your heart apart
[Outro: French Montana] + (Jeezy) + {Kodak}
I can't wait for her (uhh, uhh)
I won't pay for her, and these bitches, they know it
I told her "Take off all that Mac, let me see who you are" (uhh, yeah)
Even if you love 'em, they gon' try to play you hard (hah, yeah)
I pick these hoes apart {pick these hoes apart} pick these hoes apart {hoes apart}
I start off with they mind then I end up with they heart {with they heart}
(Pick these hoes apart, cause you never know)
And even though you famous, I won't treat you like a star {fuckin' bitch}
I pick these hoes apart, I pick these hoes apart (yeah) {ayy}
Pick these hoes apart, pick these hoes apart {*echoes*}