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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross
Album:  Kiss the Ring
Song:   Take it to the Head
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[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Another one, another one (another one)
DJ Khaled!
Workin all winter, shinin all summer
I ain't no beginner, you scared to take it to the

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Take it to the head~! Yeah yeah
Don't think about it, be about it, don't be scared 
to take it to the head, yeah, yeah yeah
Girl you fly, but if I tell you then you might take it to the head
I'm in my zone, damn near got my eyes closed
One shot, two shots, I'm gone - I take it to the head~!
I'm in my zone, damn near got my eyes closed
One shot, two shots, I'm gooooone
Now we gon' get fucked up, no excuses, no apologies

{"Maybach Music"}

[Rick Ross]
Reputation for G's, that's the role of a boss
So amazin to see, black baguetts in my watch
She say love is for free, just expensive to shop
But it's nothin to me, that extends from my block
I got a lot of figures (yeah) I'm a father figure (me)
She know a lot of niggaz, don't know a hotter nigga
Come to the winner's circle, a lot of men will hurt you
But I'm here to nurture (for real) I wanna take you further
She got all them purses, I say in my verses
YSL or Hermes and barely scratch the surface
She know her purpose, as I peel the curtains
I always make her nervous, this record's perfect


[Nicki Minaj]
Uhh, yo
Reputation for bustin, pussy open it's nothin
Big fat nigga, all that huffin and puffin
Take me shoppin in France, and he pay in advance
He got big balls, ran a play in his pants
Ran away with his money, just to chill on an island
All my bitches is stylin beaches and eatin Italian
This is real shit, r-r-real shit
On the real nigga fuckin with a real bitch
I-I-I ride for him (I ride for him) DMV (DMV)
Stamina (stamina) GNC (GNC)
Three letters... CMB
Competition, I don't C-N-E/see any


[Lil Wayne]
Uh, reputation for tastin
I'm, killin them hoes, like Jason
Got that pussy like, medication to patients
Got my eyes closed, like Asian persuasion
Fuck with me baby, it's Tunechi baby
Bust a nut, smoke a blunt, now I'm rejuvenated
with all that pink gone, bitch I'm King Kong
I eat her ice cream, she eat my ice cream cone
Haha, pop a pill and pop that pussy
I bet you Tunechi make her throw away that silver bullet
Yeah... and she kiss me on my neck
And she kiss me on my chest
And then she

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Lil Wayne]