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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Plies
Album:  Kiss the Ring
Song:   Shout Out to the Real
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ FLash

[DJ Khaled]
Meek Milly! We the Best

[Meek Mill]
Free Boosie, real nigga
In the jail standin tall like Shaquille nigga
I used to say "I know how you feel, nigga"
It's like a full time job not to kill niggaz
Half my hood hatin I done came up
I don't know if it's the money or the fame stuff
Got me walkin through the jungle with my flame tucked
Gun around my jewelry since they want to see me chained up
Friends turn to foes when you in a row
Model bitches turn to hoes cause a nigga froze
Got them people takin pictures, let a nigga pose
Cause I get paper readin scripts, you ain't gettin shows
Poppin bottles it sound like a Mac-10
Extended vision go beep beep when I'm back in
I dropped a quarter milli on an Aston
And I ain't got an album out I got these niggaz fallin out
I'm gone

[Chorus 2X: Meek Mill]
Shout out to the real niggaz (salute)
And shout out to the real bitches (say what?)
I'm poppin bottles with my real niggaz
It's like a full time job not to kill niggaz

[Ace Hood]
(ACE HOOD!) Yeah - bought a chopper for my problems that banana type
Seen a millie, now it's hard for me to sleep at night
I'm the type to flood the Roley like it's New Orleans
Bet that all my niggaz ball like I'm Mr. Clean
From the bottom to the top I made it out the gutter
I'm 17 on every scene I need my bread and butter
Used to run the streets, but now I'm runnin every summer
Right back on my bullshit like a Chicago lover
Feel I'm jumpin up out that Phantom with my cocky ass
Know they hatin, I just tell 'em kiss the paper tags
Still be with them pretty bitches, save for Stacey Dash
Plus my Roley cost me 80, that's gon' make 'em mad
Free my niggaz locked, free my niggaz caged
Fuck the system, yeah you know we on the same page
Niggaz love it when you're drownin in that water dog
Hate to see a nigga shinin like some Armor All
Loyalty over royalty that's my common law
We the Best the logo, and I'm with my fuckin boss
He just tell me murder niggaz, you would think it's Holocaust
Still the hottest young'n in it, what you niggaz thought?


(PLIES~!!) They took a half a eel nigga out the bank nigga
If you want to whip 'em pussy nigga, blank nigga
And I put that red dot right where you thank nigga
Hood nigga still wearing Cuban links nigga
I'm on the ave nigga riding in a Cutlass
You that talkin nigga, you know you a pussy
A real nigga, real life, no rap shit
And I can promise you this ain't what you want, bitch
Got a mill and I'm still up in the hood nigga
Cause I was too busy to gutter with the real niggaz
When you see me in the field tell me how you feel nigga
And we some kin, 'til he tell me if you real nigga
And I ain't tellin none of my young niggaz to chill, nigga
We all shooters nigga, and all us on pills nigga
And got a yacht my nigga the size of Shaquille, nigga
And 'fore you try me nigga you better write your will, nigga!