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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Ace Hood
Album:  Kiss the Ring
Song:   Outro (They Don't Want War)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Restaurant employee]
Gwan' gwan' Mista Khaled
What you want today the regular?

[DJ Khaled]
Give me the steamed fish, with some white rice
And give me a champagne cola
And give me some water with some lemon on it
You feel me?

[Restaurant employee]
Alright there, no problem
So what your friend want?

Nah I'm good

[Restaurant employee]
Alright then, me soon come back
Yo Chef! S'how it go da fish for Khaled dem
Steamed side real nice right

[DJ Khaled] + (Ace)
So check this out right?
It's all about the money (yeah)
It's always about the power (true dat)
It's always about the respect (straight up)
I don't see 'em

[Restaurant employee]
Yo Khaled dey a notice a some thugs outside a'wa pri
I mean I don't know if you want give dem a talk
Got dem out dere a pri

[DJ Khaled]
Aiyyo check this out right?
You tell 'em to come through, bring 'em to me
And let them know they have a choice
Everyone has a choice

Heard them people seekin problems with the Godfather
Shockers keep them llama get your head trauma
Pussy boys rather see me dead momma
Instead I'm in that Maybach textin William Roberts
Riding through the city with my hammer close
Pray to Allah that this trigger's not as fast as soap
Self-made all it took was faith and lots of hope
Understand, this the realest shit I ever wrote
Arab from the Middle-East Jerusalem
Duplicate me will never be, I'm hot as Lucifer
Palestine mastermind, Roley face, bezels shine
Smokin good, counting paper, tryin to dodge the Babylon
Yeah~! I'm well respected and that's on any block
Talk about the gutter you just pray to make it out
Puffin ganja with them rastas with them dreadlocks
Crackin lobster with them mobsters get your dog shot
You're all fuckin moldy, foreign without an owner
Muh'fuckin neighbors, bought the whole corner
Bought the whole block, stuntin on you fuck boys
+We the Best+ of all, gotta get that young boy
(Gotta let me get 'em)
Nah Ace, they don't want war
(Just let me get 'em)
Nah Ace, they don't want war
(I got 'em, I got 'em)
Nah Ace, they don't want war
(Cause that's that shit we came for!)

[Restaurant employee]
Yo a whattup Khaled 'ow you enjoy your steamed fish?

[DJ Khaled]
Steamed fish was amazing, matter of fact
Let me get some jerk chicken to go
Grab me one of them lemon pie theories
And let me get some of them cashew theories too
And give me another champagne cola
But let me ask you a question:
what happened to them people, askin about me
you was supposed to bring them to me?

[Restaurant employee]
Dey no sai Mista Khaled
Dey say me one thang one dat you
It let those take their next chance
And dem boi just cut, gone, cut

I always told my dogs everyone got a choice
+Kiss the Ring+