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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Kirko Bangz, Mack Maine, Tyga, Wale
Album:  Kiss the Ring
Song:   Don't Pay 4 It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Double M, Kirko, Khaled

[Chorus: Kirko Bangz]
Say I ain't tryin to pay, fo' it
Man I'm too player for that
Too many bitches in the world right now
That'll fuck around and pray for that
Say I ain't tryin to pay, fo' it
I don't pay for no pussy
I won't pay for no pussy and I ain't buyin no Gucci
Say I ain't trying to pay fo' it
I'm a motherfucking G, and I should make these bitches pay me
Say I ain't trying to pay, fo' it
Hell naw man I'm too throwed, niggaz stay gettin shows
Make a lot of money, never trick to these hoes

Pay for that, not me, no hell
Y'all the one that bring the C-notes out
This is K.O.D., now they wait on me
Cause if I do not arrive there wouldn't be no shows
Wale, Wale
Hear you talkin, but I can not stay
Chicks involved, but they can not stay
I spit the raw, I leave a gay bitch - late
Huh! Turn your date to a lake
Uhh - turn your eight to a great
Uhh - turn a nine to a DAMN
without payin for the date
No debate, ain't no John
You done broke the safe just to get those broads
You been playing the Uno but you gettin no drawers
And I poke her face and let her hold no cards
I ain't even trippin, or payin these women
Got plenty fish in that ocean and my rod game is so vicious
And my sharp show is at 4:15, can I use the rip in 5:15
Now I 62 cause I get the loot
And she's gon' +Kiss the Ring+ but no wedding


Clap that ass, bitch turn up
Nigga kill the pussy, call it murder
Swerve in the Murcielago
Me without a foreign car man that's unheard of
In the Maybach, king with my feet up
Curtains drawn, bitch scream when you see us
High give me lead up, work toward Niko
2500 for the sneakers, dope ass nigga, no beeper
I was 16 with a Beamer, Glock with the watch on Aquafina
Niggaz going, hyena
Getting pussy posted up at the Deaner
Now we pull up, post in Medinas
With light-skinned bitch like +Gina+
Aston, +Martin+
Man I'm muh'fuckin +Cole+ like +Keyshia+
Stop signs, Simon says, we don't give a fuck, we run them
Like Tommy Young, been barely men
Man broke niggaz, we don't live with them
I don't fuck around, I just fuck her friends
Got eagle doors on that brand new Benz
And a threesome with two twenty twins
I'm rich, bitch


[Mack Maine]
(Bitch I'm Mack Ma-I-I-I-ine)
Trick what? Lace who? Baby girl that ain't what Maine do
Before I chase you, I replace you, before I break you off, I'ma break you
Matter of fact, fuck you, got a hundred chicks on my tour bus
Asian chicks, they adore us, I'm feelinglike the nigga on the chorus
(Got this drank in my cup, and I'm 'bout to roll up)
Man this bitch talking too much dawg (I done came down, hold up)
Heard a nigga say pimpin was dead
I showed them my watch and corrected them quick like
"Nah, niggaz you're scared, now go get you some bread"
See it's... money over bitches, and bread over bed
Tell a bitch that I know Khaled, and she +Take it to the Head+
Sheeit~! One go to store for me
Got another one that's tryin to hoe for me
Hopefully she bring more hoes to me
and reverse the game and make 'em bring dough to me

[Chorus] - minus last two lines