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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Ace Hood, Waka Flocka FLame
Album:  We the Best Forever
Song:   I'm Thuggin'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DJ Khaled]
Yeah DJ Khaled
Mean Mug Music
Waka Flocka, Ace Hood
This gon' fuck the streets up
This gon' fuck the clubs up

Police kicked my do' in shorty last night
I'll be damned if I don't go out with a fight
My girlfriend says she needs some new shoes and a bag
I told her shut the fuck up and get off yo' ass
I'm thuggin {*4X*}
Middle fingers to the cops and the judge
Raised by the old niggaz, just mean mug
I'm thuggin {*4X*}
Middle fingers to the cops and the judge
Raised by the old niggaz, just mean mug

[Verse One]
God bless a nigga so bitch I'm out'chea
Wear the wrong color and you can't come around here
So get your mind right, and keep your pistol close
Hoppin out that ride run into your place just like a Seminole
All my niggaz they thuggin, my lil' cousin got his chopper chrome
Any nigga want problems, take your top off like the Metrodome
It'll make a loud noise, sound like it's world war
Never break a sweat, that's what them killers for
I get money hoe, on some real shit
Deck of hundreds on me that's just what I deal with
Waka throwed out, and we the business
See me 'ock the hammer bet your niggaz peel quick
Momma pray for me, commit a lot of sins
And it don't make it better consumin a lot of gin
Blood, sweat and tears - I pour my soul out
Smell the flowers bitch I might just pull a rose out


[Verse Two]
Uhh, a young nigga fuckin buckin with his treads loose
Middle finger all the fans cause I said to
Now where my G's at? Now where them dope boys?
Now where my niggaz who be thuggin on the corner for?
Hands in the air, throw your hood up
Hoppin out that seven trey, them 6's when I pull up
Now where my bad bitches, who keep their ass fat?
I love a bitch ain't scared to throw that ass back
And I keep them real niggaz, homey that's a fact
You a superduck, I'm talkin AFLAC
Ny nigga stormed out, thorped out
Stupid treads in them soles with them sore mouth
Club stupid packed, it's a mad house
Catch you slippin by yourself, and then you assed out
And homie that's word, my niggaz gon' lurk
See that red in blue I'm runnin out my Converse