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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Ace Hood, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Vado, Wale
Album:  We the Best Forever
Song:   Future
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
I am the streets, the future
I introduce you to Ace Hood, Meek Mills, Big Sean, Wale, Vado
Dis the future! Dey gettin money, they makin hit records
Dey hustlin

[Ace Hood]
Okay now Khaled told me kill 'em, he just told me kill 'em
100 for the Beamer, kudos to the dealer
Murder, bet I wrote it, kudos to the killer
Chevy sittin crooked, keep a Reggie Miller
I'm a muh'fuckin beast, see me in your sleep
Nightmare on any street, swear I will work any beat
Spread this to the industry, lyrics like a chopper piece
Flow right through your fitted T, bullets built with chemistry
Hottest nigga 'round, they sayin greatness is my tendency
No such thing as sympathy, more money, my remedy
Pockets on, heavy D, bitch I'm hot, 3rd degree
Whip I drive? Owned by me
Wrists in the air, anti-freeze
Can it be? I'm who you dyin to be
Last of a dyin breed talkin Siamese
Twin pistol shoot a nigga like a 70
Big dog in it you still on your pedigree
Yeah~! Fly nigga with some stupid swag
Dead faces keep my money in the bodybag
And the G-U-T-T-A, hop in the whip and I gotta get paid
Fuck them bitches, ain't tryin to get laid
Walk in my house you can meet my maid
And you give a damn you can push that 'llac
Push that Benz on, push that 'lade
Hop to the whip, no top on mine
Niggaz gonna hate, man fuck them guys
Real nigga shit, don't tell no lie
I been paying my secret client
Top ten charts what I resign
None of you hoes about to sign

[Meek Mill]
+We+ the motherfucking +Best+, word to my momma
Wild presidential, got me feeling like Obama
Cause ll I want is change, and my niggaz they wanted the same
I wanted the money and never the fame
I turned into somethin they never became
Through all the rain, I kept my flame
And I kept burnin and it's my turn and
Real nigga my hood confirm it
Now it's six 2's on closed curtains
And that Maybach, let me take 'em way back
When I was starvin that was payback
Nigga where that cake at? Murder all your artists
And I, I, I, I can feel that love, I can feel that hate
When I got that drugs bet you feel so safe
I put it to your mug, and it ain't gon' rape
From the little oh-eight, where that thing gon' fly
Got a little kick, but it ain't no tire
Niggaz talk murder, but they ain't gon' ride
Now they go hard like I ain't gonna die - Meek Mill!

[Big Sean]
Do it! Okay; smoke until I got no lungs
Got her goin down, no teeth
I call it "speaking tongues" - do it! Do it!
Now you speaking my language when they twist and talk with they fingers
Man but this ain't no sign language
Just, fresh out of the ashes
It's a Detroit fuckin classic
From where Eminem got them masses
Trick-Trick got them passes
Bitch I'm from that Motor, Motor
Yeah that Motor be the fastest
Why they call it Motor City
Cause I'm most likely to crash
Fuck it! Good thing I got a chauffeur...
Goin broke? No sir!
Bitch I'm the rap game stylist
Cause I gave the rap game style bitch
But I overshine
Ain't no niggaz overshine, told 'em it's five quarters
So I guess we goin overtime
So we dumb high, dumb high
Westside, bitch I run mine
I'm rolling around in my old school
I feel like the alumni fuckin hoes, no strings attached
So don't ask me why they strung out I'm like Jordan to you niggaz
I might need to stick my tongue out she wiggled and wobble/bobbled
Then landed on my throttle bitch I might make you my baby
And even buy you a bottle; yo niggaz don't ask how they talk to you
When you get 'em like Versace my pockets got paper on paper
This shit just look like a novel, wodie
100 thousand worth of ice on me now
But it don't feel half as good as grandma sayin she proud

Forever dedicated, make my poetic genius
something they close to seein and tell 'em they close to Stevie
You poser niggaz ain't 'posed to be here, we don't believe ya
Double M-G 'em, we put a wreath on niggaz careers
We the Best Khaled, no need to stress Khaled
Know there's a lot of artists, but I got the best palette
Multiple colors, my mind is more productive than others
Murray the winner, you think he really Nelson Mandela
That's fire though ,one time for the 305, though
That hydro make me tired, yo, my kickin be so Tai Bo
My balance be so tight rope; that's hard to find, with drank low
Can't fuck with me, that nice flow, hold the dough for me, I'm maestro
Sheeeit, that white whip shit, like a slide wrist slit
Suicide shit, you can buy this shit if you write this shit
Nigga and right this minute, they say I'm buzzin hard
My driver's out of this world, you playin bumper cars
You niggaz under cause, you should be unemployed
All you smoke is Reggie and tell 'em makin a bunch of noise
Who gonna tell me that I ain't goin that I ain't floorin
Young Velour'n; you see them 'puters that was my influence

The towers fell, turnin to Ground Zero
Kickin like Reggie Jackson, Nicki Barnes, they hero
As I play Rothstein, Corleone like Bob DeNiro
Been through it here though, don't move with the weirdos
Dress pimpin the toast like West Lynn
Your house is on West and 4th, mine is on West 6th
While we in the Maserati brickin his best friends
When I die tell 'em to turn my coffin to stretch Benz
Rims on it, problems my man's on it
See 'em we stomp him out with his mouth my Timbs on it
Only smokin an ounce, no mountain, no tints on it
Spins on it, you have no clout, the Benz on it
What the fiends say? Few roaches you need sprayed
On tour eat straight, makin sure where your feet stay
Get a pistol, peel through SRT-8
Chop both seats gray, drop top like release dates