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Artist: DJ Deckstream f/ Sarah Green, Lupe Fiasco, Verbal (M-Flo)
Album:  Deckstream Soundtracks
Song:   Can You Let Me Know
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[Lupe Fiasco] Lupe, ho!
[Verbal]      Yep
              We do what we do
[Lupe Fiasco] Chicago, mayne
              St. Grain
[Both]        You dig, you dig, you dig, you dig

Chorus: Sarah Green
Can you let me know
Baby, can we get up together
I ain't like them tricks, I do true better
Don't waste no more time
Baby, let's, go (Can you let me know)
Baby, I'm down to do whatever
I don't really care, it doesn't matter
Let's not waste no time
Baby, let's, go

(Verse 1)
Love, you gotta love it
Hold hands in public
I does it
I dug it
Everything you do
And everything you doesn't
Everything you done, hope I'm the one, you does it
Hope this trick goes wrong, then I'm cuttin'
So I can feel it twice as much as two lose
To lose is something that I never wanna do
I'm too loose to check on this trek like Chu
To choose, I rather have you
Even if it's half
And I don't even hold for the whole
If I have two
But I don't want a one
That's too close to none
But get rid of the gun
It's covered in clues
The one that you use, to kill off the playa inside
And I
Bought back some flowers from the funeral
For ya
You should come and make moves with a brother like

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, you know it
I go by the name
Of Verbal (Yep, yep, yep)
Let's go

(Verbal 2)
It all happened in a second
My universe froze
Ain't a situation I chose
But it, chose me
When I caught a glimpse
Of you
Beautiful, just posin'
I know that
All them rappers, we talkin' 'bout
Hoes and clothes
But she ain't that type, ya see
I'm still froze
Like Megatron in cryogenic
I need to get warm
She's my Q
I gotta transform
So I can come
Through when whatever she wants
She's already
Flossed and glossy, charm with the four seas
Can't imagine what her closet will cost me
My brain spin with velocity
Thinking 'bout ways to get up
With ya
But I can't
Seem to be the man
So I just stand
Wishin' I can have ya (Come on)

Repeat Chorus Twice

Hook: Verbal
At times like this
I don't know what to do but to rhyme like this
She probably don't even know I exist
Can't figure out why I can't take risk
At times like this
I'm wishin' I could be a little stronger than this
Too many worries and prerequisites
Just to reach her
Just to read with ya
So far
Still so far apart
All I want
Is just to talk
I swear to God
So far
We still so far apart
All I want
Is just to talk (Talk, talk, talk)

[Verbal]      Tokyo
[Lupe Fiasco] Chicago mayne (Bang...)
[Verbal]      Come on
[Lupe Fiasco] What you say
              What you say