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Artist: DJ Craig G f/ Mocha
Album:  Top Floor
Song:   Mocha Freestyle

Mocha takin' over 
It be 
Check what I'm hittin 'em wit' 

And we gonna riiiise <-- Mase

What, uh huh
Come on
What, what

Niggas lock doors, rock 4's, Top Floor
They drop more hits and shit, they lock core's
Catching me out of state, with lot's of steaks
And a lotta weights
Sea green Prada minks
I put away for tomorrow's snakes
You can borrow cakes
You dealing with that fluffy wife, who got a baby
What do you take me, ya'll just shakey
Like bakery's, we get cake and ya'll flakey
It's Mocha on the joint, you know it's bound to be hot
And it's better octa's, cause the sound that I got
In the town's I stop, just lounging the drop
Don't get found that you rock, on the round to the shop
You don't cop what I cop, you don't cock what I cock
You don't drop what I drop, you don't got what I got
Yo, during the tour, niggas born to floss
We cop on the spot, you ask how much that cost

Top Floor
That's it
Craig-G, heh heh
Come on