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Artist: Djay
Album:  Hustle & Flow Soundtrack
Song:   Hustle and Flow (It Ain't Over)
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[singer hums and ad libs for 22 seconds]

Look this is my life, and it's a battle within
I gotta survive, even if I'm sinnin to win
And if I show no remorse I reap the devil's reward
He said he'd, give me riches but I'm lookin for more
When I was young, witnessed my dad, standin for right
Black pride in him even though he passin for white
Took years from my life, now I'm missin the man
Moms on some other shit and now I'm missin the plan
And so I'm... stuck in this fuck-a-marole
All the lessons to a young teen baby was cold
Then my pimpin-ass Uncle put me up on the game
It really ain't no love it's 'bout this, paper mayne
Put me in a position, got me out on a mission
Collectin from the hoes turned on to my pimpin
A nigga from Memphis dealin with life as a struggle
This is the gift I was given so I just live by my hustle

[Chorus 2X: Djay] + (singer, ad libbing at times)
(Keep hustlin) It ain't over for me, no it ain't over for me
(Keep, flowin) I'ma step my game up and get what's comin to me

Now I'm just gettin by, and it's FUCKIN with me
See others doin big thangs they was nothin to me
I'm seein what I used to be, and it's lookin legit
Got my hands on some music, started FUCKIN with it
Put it down hard, then I started bumpin to this
I let some others get a dose and they was NUTTIN to this
Let me check my connections cause we go back in the day
Say they was lookin for 'dro, heard I was hustlin hay
Got me connin my niggaz, spittin game to my hoes
This my opportunity I feel like anything goes
I was never 'sposed to see the new millenium mayne
And I refuse to let my dad die in vain
So I give it my all, you feel my struggle and pain
If you ain't feelin what I'm spittin trick you late to the game
But the closest ones to me know I'm holdin it down
You gon' feel me one day, we gon' be heard in the town

[Chorus] - 2.5X, singer ad libs to fade