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Artist: DJ WhooKid f/ Nas
Album:  Hood Radio V. 1
Song:   Nas Freestyle
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("Light Speed" by Dr. Dre beat)

Gangster, gangster, gangster, gangster
Yo, yo my house is like the White House
Throw orgies thug dykes out
That rock baldies, and bad bodys
I mix the rap game with mob flicks
I was the first one to rep the projects
Now everybody tries it
Change too heavy for y'all to buy it
Even if you could afford it, you would get extorted
My clique is on the sixth building, Rickers Isl'
right now lights down while I'm in the world wildin'
Platinum pearl crown me, who the king can't be you
I'm stamp on you lamp with the crew
Bent on you, Esco mates wipe the length right off you
Pimp you lost it, talk money spit fortunes
Talk murder I lay your dogs in the coffin (dogs in the coffin)