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Artist: DJ WhooKid f/ Jae Hood
Album:  Hood Radio V. 1
Song:   Jae Hood Freestyle
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("Destroy & Rebuild" by Nas beat)

Aiyyo, I'm on these faggots like white on rice
You getting mangled two ways either strangled or sliced
Jae Hood, I'm *gunshot* in the streets
Catch you in Miami and leave you all over the beach
I'm a Wu intellectual these niggas homosexual
You don't deserve to get shown what they tec could do
Nigga my respect is due, show it or get stripped
of your fans in front of you before you know it
We gon get this paper like printers
So I could be established and be considered a heavy spender
And you can best believe I'm a excellent contender
And if I run up on you armed, y'all gon surrender
Niggas wanna say all I spit about is guns and drugs and killing
These freestyles fuck what you feeling
Nigga cop the album prick and get off my dick
We using this rap shit to get rich
I'm a pimp; minus the gators and the hat
Catch me pushing a El Dorado with your chick in the back
Wit my dick in her jaw she a typical whore
I got Hershey on my nuts and she lickin' it off
Shorty I don't care if you ain't feeling me
I ain't feeling you cause see the bitches get thrown
in the swimming pool
With they shoes and they clothes on
Might get stole on in the 745 now you get your roll on
Let a chick blow on my dice, she wanna rock my ice
When it comes to fucking every chick swear they nice
I let em transport my bricks across the state
And OT you niggas got dirt like sand weights