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Artist: DJ WhooKid f/ Jadakiss, Styles
Album:  Hood Radio V. 1
Song:   Death
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Hail Mary and light candles, what the fuck
When I die hail a cap, just light up a dutch
Still here I'll be hidin' inside the smoke
I'll be all up in the cats that provide you coke
You know the cats with the stocking caps over they face
With the shotgun pump yellin, "Open the safe!"
I'm the nigga that'll loc in the wake, put two in the corpse
And one in the chest and one in the face
Can't wait to bet a hundred an ace, tell a nigga I owe?
Hell no, get the fuck up out my face
Call me a hater, cause I probably hate ya tapes
And if I see you at a show I might break ya plates
All these new faggots, steppin' on the scene
Don't you ever fucking ask me to kick a sixteen
Cause I was better than you, when I was sixteen
Still cock back the hammer, and give you sixteen

I cop heavy jewels, nickle em out
Whips, nickle em out
Fuck a bitch then I'm kickin' em out
Catch ya wifey at the mall put a clip in her blouse
I got big time niggas that be hittin' the south
Whip in the house, while y'all niggas sit on the couch
Talkin' bout that rock shit I got a brick in the house
Remember me dog here's something to remember me for
Half million worth of ice and a burgandy four
Spittin the raw, ???, rippin the tour
On a hill fucking with Poppi sit in the store
They call me the Kiss, light up call me a bitch
That hold a glock, roll a dutch, and take all of the dick
Company owned, ??? jet company phone
Make a million overseas don't front when you home
Cause these niggas wanna jump on your stones
Bitches wanna jump on your bone
That's why I'm dumpin' the chrome