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Artist: DJ Taz f/ Raheem the Dream
Album:  Worldwide
Song:   That's Right
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Oh, DJ Taz

Chorus: Neka, DJ Taz

That's right (That's right)
That's ri-i-ight                
Party people on the floor (Uh, come on)
All we do, is give them more
That's right  (That's right)
That's ri-i-ight                
Party people on the floor (Uh, come on)
All we do is give them more
That's right (That's right)
That's ri-i-ight        

Verse 1: DJ Taz

Make hits is all I do
Well, how bout you?
Lay it down for the decision
Silk dresses is all I vision
Got to make that money, honey
It ain't funny country
Lights on for you
Diane Lench is my lawyer
Business trick, damn strict
DJ Taz, don't quit
No stoppin'   (Stoppin', stoppin')
Stop knockin' (Knockin, knockin')
You mad, boy
Our hoes keep on jockin'
Snappin' hard like a turtle
Out of line, me want Myrtle
Nasty dancers on your station
Uh-huh we be bassin'
Keep it crunk, keep it crunk
Play it loud in your trunk


Verse 2: DJ Taz

First best, best last  (Ohhh)
DJ Taz
Pump it up, don't stop
Till the planet rock
Pipeline in the mist
Sucka's can't fade this
Hits (Hits) that's all I make
Records (Records) that's all I break
Billboards is all I do
You know me, but I don't know you
Shake it down, after you show 
what the bass means, highs, lows
I give you mo
Can't peel me, I ain't no hoe
Who's slippin', who's snoozin'
Who's winnin', who's losin'
In the South we love that drop
Don't quit, don't stop
Little sumpin' rumpin' Taz
for your monkey ass.


Bridge: DJ Taz

Yeah, we got Raheem up in here
Doin' stuff like this

Verse 3: Raheem The Dream

Raheem gonna' rock this steady  (Steady)
They ain't ready      (Ready)
From the A-T-L-A-N-T-A
(Ooh-Wee) Smokin' on hay 
From Texas to G-A  (Uh)
Detroit to G-A   (Ah)
I gotta get my flow, then I go
Hit that hoe at the show
I got some freaky bitches
They ain't gon' get no riches
Got animosity
They get the finger from me
Then try to diss it
Now they wit it
Gotta go and git it
My tape be tight and def
Bestseller on the shelf
I'm known to rock it fast
Raheem back on that ass
And on the track
Is that dope producer,DJ Taz


Bridge: DJ Taz, Raheem The Dream

Ooh!  Aah!
All we do is give you more, you know what I'm sayin'?
Neka, say what baby?
Big Taz!
Party people, ooh, ooh
Come on
Come on, now
Big Taz!
Oh Lord
Come on
Break it down!

Chorus, 2X

Bridge: DJ Taz, Raheem The Dream

One time for your mind, DJ Taz
One time for Success Entertainment
One time for Big Jerry
Keepin' it tight