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Artist: DJ Self f/ Cam'Ron, Charli Baltimore, Dutch & Spade
Album:  Coast 2 Coast
Song:   Cam'Ron, Charli B., Dutch & Spade Freestyle
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Drop seis coup
Spade and the Dutch
Full clip AK
Spray when I want
Oakwood self
Tan and a gun
Sittin' on twenties
Goddamn what a slut
Five in da waist
B size in the cup
In search of the dick and the balls of the Dutch
Optional balla
Whip what he want
Put da Range up 
Six for da month
Niggas love when I'm down
Hate when I'm up
Wanna see me duck taped and thrown in a trunk
Gonna see me presidential ice full of chunks
Gonna see me residential hand wit a pump
Runnin' wit dem Undertainment niggas in fast cars
Fake niggas keep reaching I'm a clap arms
Dudes talk the game and I'm tryna floss
Really wanna play the game well let's ball

Spade and Dutch gonna spit for da love of the game
And the doe and the ill cars and the love of the fame
Hoe staring at da bar say she loving da chain
Flow by in da five cause I'm loving da grain
Be quick wit da heat cause I'm loving da flame
Throw your guns in da air if you thuggin' da same
Undertainment criminals and we loving da track
Gettin' huffed on da bus out to Cali and back
Keep it clubbin' 
But we be thuggin'
Aiyo my niggas back home 
They bake keys on da oven
And when the funds run out
The guns come out
And when da boss wanna floss 
Then the six Uns come out
Yall hate I see you eye me
Finger to the cops who be tryna DUI me
Runnin' like they thought the six hundred was a johnny
I done Honni 
Then Un signed me

[Charli Baltimore]
I push dick like weight
Cats wanted to hate
spit fourty eight
Left eye
Black paws
Tight jaws
Chick wit da tight walls
Roppin' niggas
Open niggas
Put they G's on lock
Stocks in da safe
Wit da keys unlocked
Angels tangle wit theft
On Road Bayo
Muthafuckin' Charles in Charge
Like Scott Bayo
who got the yayo
Sell it, snort it
Ballas that import it
Cats that extort it
Half ounce cats that work hard for the money
Spend they flip money
While they hunt for this honey
Playboy bunny
Need me some carrots
Went from chickenhead to parrots
So fuck yall
Bird on the arm represent my status
Clit be da fattest
West Coast quick to have this

How you gonna con Cam
Remember me 
Bitch I'm da don man
Hustle wit my mom's man
Ring on hand
Fuck hood rumors
Shit like ice cream bitch
Good Humor
Fuck yall gonna tell me
Me and Skeezie Ace smoke a L, G
Keep it on da LD
And I kill what I'm rhyming on
Everytime you see me bitch 
Six hundred diamonds on