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Artist: DJ Screw f/ Lil Flip, Grace, H.A.W.K., Ronnie Spencer
Album:  Soldiers United 4 Cash
Song:   4 My Nigga Screw
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(Ronnie Spencer)
La-da-da-da-da-da-da, oh-ooooh
La-da-da-da-da-da-da, I know you so real
You so real, Screw you yeah

[Chorus: Ronnie Spencer]
Screw is so real, it's hard to stay strong
Cause one day you here, then the next day you gone
Living in the dark, now Screw is in the light
Trying to focus our life, everyday and night

[Lil' Flip]
I represent H-Town, down for my block
I started off the game, with the Botany Big Shots
Did Diamondz N' Ya Face, got a lot of game
Start fucking with Screw, now I got underground fame
Fucked with E.S.G., and I had to buy the house
Did a lot of shows, represented for the South
Made a little group, called H.S.E
Dropped a tape, and we sold bout 23
Thousand fucking units, now we doing better
Dropped The Leprechaun, and I got a lot of cheddar
Sold a hundred thousand, made about a million
Now I got a Jag, with DVD's in the ceiling
Just got a deal, with Scarface
Now everybody hating, but they smiling in my face
They call me Lil' Flip, I'ma stay true
Got a mic with a crown, say R.I.P. Screw

[Chorus: Ronnie Spencer - 2x]

I wish, I wish, I wish
I didn't have to write to this, recite to this
Blow a square flight to this, but Screw you missed
All I can do is sit back, and reminisce
It was all good times, at the crib spitting rhymes
Put it on our mind, that we were destined to shine
From scratching on turn tables, to running a record label
Mixing Tupac and Biggie, with some Kane & Abel
We formed a click, that couldn't be fucked with
You ran the Hardest Pit, with the Dead End Click
It was E.S.G., Lil Keke, Big Pokey, G-R-A-C-E
Your Boy Al-D, P-A-T
C-Note and Willean, and them boys from Botany
You brought in Big Moe, my nigga Z-Ro
Mike D and Clay-Do, Lil' Flip and Lil' O
Them boys from the Fo', them boys from the Tre
And last but not least, there was H-A-W-K
I having nothing else to say, but you were so real
And that's the way you make me feel

[Chorus: Ronnie Spencer - 2x]

Screw was my DJ, and that boy was so real
Introduced me to the mic, put me on dubs showing skills
Went from block bleeder, pimping pens staying paid
Baptized in the click, writing rhymes living leid
Had to pay my dues, wreck 25 screws
Put it down with the best, label me one of the trues
V.T. from S.U.C., and I still stand tall
G-R-A-C-E, gon represent it till I fall
Still do it with the click, staying thoed in the mix
Got it by my DJ, fa sho to turning crumbs to bricks
Escape from the dark, now let the light shine through
Although he up above, the Don still come through
Push my pen keep it real, esperbertion sharpened skills
Motivation, determination to get that house on the hill
Ever since the day we met, with me and Los kept it rue
So for that until we gone, stay acting bad jamming Screw

[Chorus: Ronnie Spencer - 2x]

(Ronnie Spencer singing)