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Artist: DJ Revolution f/ KBimean
Album:  King of the Decks
Song:   Man or Machine
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[DJ Revolution scratching]
"Half man, half"(machine) - Nas 'Nas Is Like'
"Mechanical movement" - Nas 'The World Is Yours'

[Verse One] [KBimean]
Cuts is more than bionic
Ironman with the timin'
I can see wires comin' out his arms when he's on
Revolution is a beast, spin crazy like The Shining
Terminator with the wax
Renaissance Megatron
The first time I heard him I thought he had, 20 arms
The Techniques was speakin' to me while he was choppin' up the drum
All in all
Rev is a machine with his hands
That's why it seems he's more of a machine than a man

[DJ Revolution scratching]
"Anatomically designed to be" - Ras Kass 'H20 Proof'
"Killer technology" - Buc Fifty 'Dead End Street'
"State of the art"

"Mechanical movement" - Nas 'The World Is Yours'