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Artist: DJ Quik
Album:  Heavy Mr. Big Stuff (S)
Song:   Heavy Mr. Big Stuff (Heavy D Tribute)
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[Intro: sample of The Stylistics' "Heavy Fallin' Out]
What's it all about?
Baby, baby, once you fall, in's heavy

[DJ Quik]
Yeah~! I'm goin in...hold me back
Yah! Uh! What's his name?

Now he was, light on his feet, dope on the stage
Put R&B and rap in the same page
Made New Jack Swing sound like the new thing, made gangstas wanna sing
+Mr. Big Stuff+, strictly +Big Tyme+
+The Overweight Lover's in the House+ with big rhymes
Make a nigga go to Mt. Vernon and spend mine
Takin the chips out, bringin the chicks out
Heavy Dizzle, my big brizzle
Gave me a tip to make my music sizzle
Uptown, any town, any city, out of town
Make a nigga throw on his record and watch him get down
You did that, now you get that props
from a skinny nigga in them Compton shacks
You rocks the low-fade, then rocked plats
You even helped Biggie go from gold to plat
Just a superstar throwin off fast
but you went supernova galaxy past
No more Earth-bind, you can fly higher
Rest in peace, Dwight Arrington Myers -- Heavy