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Artist: DJ Quik
Album:  Quik is the Name
Song:   Sweet Black Pussy
Typed by:, OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Awwww yeah!
Heyyy, check it out..

DJ Quik is in the motherfuckin house! (repeat 8X)

[DJ Quik]
Check it out..
Now I be knockin bitches like it ain't shit
Cause I'ma playa motherfucker named DJ Quik
Yo, maybe it's the way, I hold my dick
that makes all the girlies wanna ride my tip
But some of these bitches try to act unfair (why?)
Maybe its becuase my hair is longer than theirs
But I don't give a fuck, no I don't care
Because I'm like Noah's Ark - my bitches come in pairs
You see I'm 5'11", my dick is size seven
and if a hooker's fine I can stretch you a nine
It goes deep (how deep?) All up in that shit
I'll fuck a pussy dry cuz I don't know how to quit
I'm 19 (say what?) so I'm a young ass man
My eyes are brown and my skin is tan
So pull them cotton-ass panties right down to ya knees
if you wanna take part in a proper-ass skeez
I'm more than a playa (word?) I'm more like a pimp (yeah!)
I love black pussy but I sure won't simp
I got the bitches on my jock like an airplane wing
and only way for me to get 'em off I have to sing
I say, "Oooh hoe, don't jock me so,
never-ever-ever wanna let me go,
once I whip this dick on you!"  Heyyy, check it out
I say, "Oooh hoe, don't call me no mo',
how in the fuck can I let you know,
that I'm a motherfuckin troop!" (Aww yeah, worrrd 'em up!)
Now that oughta tell ya right then and there
that I'm a true motherfucker so ya better beware
Cuz when we huggin and kissin, and ya wanna get mushy
Girl ya best be prepared to fuck because I love black pussy!

I can't help it cause I love black pussy..
I got to have it, just like a rabbit - black pussy..
Black pussy.. what kind?
{*Quik scratches "Sweet, sweet, sweet.. sweet"*}

[DJ Quik]
Yeah.. and I'm takin
all the money from these funky hoes that I be breakin
If you say that there's another Quik then you're mistaken
I amm not a coward and you'll never see me shakin
Never breakin lots of money that I'm makin
If you double-cross me then I'll be your undertaker
I will never be-friend you because you are a steaker
Open up your mouth if you want some beefsteak-ah
If you suck it long enough you'll taste a milkshake-uh
Lyrics I am hummin, when they see me comin
Suckers they... aww shit, hold up man
	{*needle drags across the record*}
This the wrong motherfuckin page and shit
Aww shit, I need to start on the..
Oh okay, here we go: 
	{*music kicks back in*}
Black pussy!  Always talkin bout it cuz I love it
Women get grown up just as soon as they let me rub it
And in a week's span, my homey Freak-Man
sinks into so much pussy we should call him Quik-sand
(Last hoe was done by the true motherfuckers
 from the P-E-N-T-H-O-U-S-E) Players Clique
Tweety's in the cold room, Freaky's in the studio room
I am in the livin room, and Hammer's in the bedroom
Freakin!  (Or should I say skeezin?)
Call it livin large in 1990 becuase playin be the reason
So many freaks we have to forward the calls
And when the girlies hear the.. {*beeper goes off*}
.. they pause, and get hot (how come?)
I think they know what time it is
They should know that's how we handle our biz (gotta handle it)
They shouldn't trip and call playin a sin
because it's in and we're all black men so we love black pussy!

And ya know that, because we show that!
Aww yeah!
Cuz DJ Quik is the king of the underground scene

DJ Quik is in the motherfuckin house (say what?)
DJ Quik is in the motherfuckin house (say WHAT?)
and Shabby Doo is in the motherfuckin house (is that right?)
and Too E Caddy's in the motherfuckin house (aww yeah!)
and Playa Hamm is in the motherfuckin house (say what?)
and Donzelly's in the motherfuckin house (say WHAT?)
and Greedy Gregg is in the motherfuckin house, break it down!

Aww yeah.. DJ Quik is in here for the big 9-0!
along with the O.G.P.B.C. in the motherfuckin house baby
Yo, and we outta here, peace