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Artist: DJ Pooh f/ Mista Grimm
Album:  Bad Newz Travels Fast
Song:   Ebonics
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[Mista Grimm]
Ain't nothin' but a fancy word for slang
A language often used when you kick it and hang
There's words like "soda"
I pinched her ass so da
Bitch got mad 
Take the word "offer"
Then came her dad
So I quickly got off her
There's a bunch how bout "homade"
I was hungry the so the hoe made me lunch
Yeah pretty soon 
There will be books on how to speak it taught in the classroom
But to us it's nothing new (naw)
You hear it on the avenue
Even on the bus, at a barbecue
It's spoken, by people of all ages
I even put it in my rap pages and bust it on stages
But you'll have to excuse me 
I'm stepping out this evening
I hope what I've been sayin' you're "believing"
Cause I'll be leaving 
In a minute to a black tie affair
I bet they got the bomb weed there
That's ebonics

I know ebonic I know ebonics
Do you know ebonics            (x2)

[Mista Grimm]
I like to be discrete when on the phone
I don't want the pigs all up in my home
I just call up the homies I'm dry like a bone
Got some vegetable? "aw yeah"
Plug me in with a zone
And if I must say it works rather well
Just keep it on the down low, that mean don't tell
My styles funky and I don't mean the smell
Get yourself a stash box to hide the periphanala (ya)
Must be a fool if ya haven't learned
That getting jacked, it's not a sexual term
It means you're gonna get robbed
Get yourself a strap
That's a gun, roll with it, on your lap
Don't mess with bummy hoes that try to throw the coochie
Cause the bitch is low budget in ebonics, hootchie
And if ya at the sto' use the word "domain"
Say "Hold the do' man" 
There ya go


[Mista Grimm]
A- arrest
B- broke
C- goin' to court for
D- dope
E- bonics
F- fly
G- that's me
H- high (like a motherfucker) off the
I- Indo
J- is for jackin'
K- kidnappin', will leave you with an
L- give me the 
M- money
N- niggas
O- shit
P- here come the police, (watch out) dump the 
Q- quarter piece
R- really doe
S- you smoke stress
T- trick, that's a hoe
U- underground that's my style and sound (I know)
V- catchin' the vapors if you like me all of a sudden 
	cause I started makin' paper
W- wack, and that goes for MCs with the skills ya lack
	Who got money on some?
X- tra bags (who?)
Y- y'all trippin'? I got the 
Z- zigzags
Now that's ebonics