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Artist: DJ Muro f/ Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Trife Diesel
Album:  Tokyo Tribe 2 O.S.T.
Song:   The Roosevelts
Typed by: Davidab

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah waasup ya'll Theordore in the house motherfuckeers!
Yeah, Tokyo Tribe 2, Saru santa, Mushasino goonie
Ya'll niggas know how the fuck we get down, it's all real
J-Love in the building, this how we take it

[Ghostface Killah]
I told them up the block niggas to fall back
Dope fiends is dropping, crack heads buggin off Prozack
Whoa, ghetto celeb, shark skin threads
Chicks, we take em like three in the bed
Just agged up something heavy
Some mothers resort to getting rich off Newports
Back and forth to Delaware and VA
Yeah you can't blow, that takes hella years
Base heads taste my shit like "Starks, what the hell's in there?
Usually millionares really rare
Yellow Lamborghini with mustrad suade seats with a bar in there
Even your seeds had a benatar play pen
Your moms is taken, she got shot during number runs
A visa, jeans, buck fifty when ??? come
And a sister gave birth to a killer son
And that be yours nigga, you gon regulate the globe
With your arm and your big world tours

[Chorus: Trife Diesel]
Gun in hand, makin moves in Japan, living off land
Half a kilo in the closet sitting on grams
TU be the grahm cracker, shells like clams
If we don't know you, then we'll blow you, only fucking with fam
Historicle name, Theodore, nigga, we be the Roosevelts
Shoot flames like Godzilla, it makes the soldiers melt
Tokyp Tribe, DJ Muro, king of the den
Crazy yen spending like ?winnin?

Diggin daddy, ammo is brolic
Fila sneakers and suade goose, walked in the joint like a paid scholer
Give me all my chedder in fives
Light blue, five fifty by the door, my ho with the nine
How you feeling soldier? Fill up my glass
Threw my hand on his neck, the ring scratched him, that's six, carry smash
Of course he ain't want none, took it like a trooper, this New York
nigga, ?? got cash
Plus his fiends mad loyal
Seen him under the building, and after five, niggas turned the
shooters on hood soil
And the judges love him
He threw and wanted to cuff him, and six months later he slugged him
Had CNN wildin, the Staten Island veteran smiling
See through Johnny ??, stomach still growling
Some Japan nigga, and the fam with him, holding some thing
I think he bought Burger King, he got strings tho


[Outro: Raekwon]
We gon talk real talk nigga
Straight up, bring that paper out man
That's the only thing we respect nigga, you gotta stay fresh nigga,
and you gotta have
money nigga
Put all that bitch shit to the side right now, and talk about major shit
Word up man, Icewater Inc, a bunch of dalmations man
We gona nigga, uno, my nigga Muro, DJ Muro, rather, Saru hold it down
Lex Leonardo nigga, we gone nigga