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Artist: DJ Muggs vs. Planet Asia f/ B-Real (Cypress Hill), Omar Cruz
Album:  Pain Language b/w 9MM 12"
Song:   Pain Language (Remix)
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[Planet Asia]
It's kind of insane, ain't it
But naw, this is pain language

[DJ Muggs]
Check one two...
Pain Language, official remix...
O. Cruz...
Planet Asia...
Soul Assassins, Gold Chain Music...
B.Y.I., motherfucker...
Pain language 2008, all day long, live from Los Angeles, California, motherfucker...
Soul Assassins...
Yo B-Real, kick this shit, homie...
Come on...

[Verse 1: B-Real]
If you feel the anguish
Let me tell you what the aim is, to introduce you to pain language
You want beef
But don't know what you started for
Call me Sun Tzu, gifted in The Art Of War
Talk is cheap
We don't say much
We beat 'em with the heater and leave 'em bleedin' in such
You understand
You run the man
And God damn, you ain't Alisa Nathan like Alice In Wonderland
The pain is real, and my stainless steal
Has a mind of its own, once on, it's brain is killed
Break your jaw, we break your wheel
Take the boy to the E.R., his blood got spilt
And come from the block where the glocks pop constantly
We the real shit, you bitches are wannabes
What you wanna be doing is gettin' out of here
The motto of the assassin
Put a bullet in his ear

Chorus: Planet Asia
I ain't playin'
Ay yo, somebody better pay him
I might just run at your spot
And start sprayin'
With the thang wavin'
It's kind of insane, ain't it
But naw, this is pain language

Repeat Chorus

[DJ Muggs]
Omar Cruz, let's do this...

[Verse 2: Omar Cruz]
Lyrical don, Los Angeles (???) street disciple
The shit I'm on, is ghetto Qu'rar barrio bible
Hood scriptures
My spit develop pictures
I make the (???) of the life, you rappin' mega pixels
God save us, my wells, won't buy the bravest
Some worship in Allah
Some worship fashion labels
My holy water, I drink it like cases of beer
And I ain't (???) to tellin' us all the end is near
That's why I carry a semi in every sentence
The hand of God, protect me, you wanna fly, then test me
I give you wings for all the pain that I see
You a angel now
So bitch, sing

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Planet Asia]
Who's the nicest, the truth is that
If it was known, half of y'all would have a middle-aged crisis
As I write this, I wrote this, I think
Of the sacrifice it took and all the doors that was ever opened
And I'm the hottest thing smokin'
Soak it in and get your heart broken
Fuck moapin'
I'm leavin' with a bag of tokens
So try to find another ash you can blow your smoke in
I'm somebody you better know
Heavyweight in the game is busy with the schedule
And the streets told me to never come regular
Now everything I do is incredible
It's on, nigga

Repeat Chorus Twice

[DJ Muggs]
Shoutouts to B-Real...
Shoutouts to Gold Chain Music...
Shoutouts to Envy Studios...
B.Y.I. all day...
Soul Assassins up in this motherfucker, you know what I mean...
Shoutouts to DJ Skee...
DJ Khalil, DJ Warrior, Mr. Cartoon...
Big Scandalous...
The homie Tony Diamond...
Young Flaco...
The homie Lulu...
B.Y.I., Soul Assassins, Gold Chain Music all motherfuckin' day...
It's that pain language, motherfucker...
Tell a friend, homeboy...

[Planet Asia]
It's kind of insane, ain't it
But naw, this is pain language