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Artist: DJ Muggs f/ Cypress Hill
Album:  Soul Assassins
Song:   Battle of 2001
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Initiate, *?my ruffians bring like attack?*
It's the first line of defence, imminence combat
As I look up into the cold black sky
I see the birds of destruction fly by
Convey the Code Red and begin arming all nuclear warheads
(Alert all civilians, there's no time to waste)
Embrace all the data within the home base
The virus is spreading at a maximum pace
Eliminating all traces of the human race
(Commander, the enemy has begun to infiltrate!)
Send the word and spread it (Let's get the fuck outta here!)
thru all the southern states
Activate self-destruct, elimination is imminent
Stabilise your positions
The spirit of God is infinite
Women and children take shelter
The enemy is upon us
All personnel, man your battle stations
Code Red! I repeat, Code Red!
We are bein over ran by hostile forces
Need assistance!
Is anybody receiving this message?
.........This transmission...over!...........