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Artist: DJ Muggs f/ GZA, RZA
Album:  Soul Assassins
Song:   Third World
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Yeah, yeah, yeah - one two, one two
Aiyyo, Wu-Tang's invincible
But understand the principle
My man Muggs, droppin phat tracks like drugs
Breaker-breaker one two, breaker-breaker one two
You're breakin' up - peace

"We're at the crossroads, our immediate future
 is the worst war man will ever know."

[Verse One: Genius/GZA]
Beams shatter light from the Wu-mansion
Still branchin' off the tree that sparked any MC
And the fool that fell far was the Rightless
Get with Cypress, let the media hype this
Promotion niggas snipe this
Push it like tray bags of 72
Kept niggas in suede rags
Microphone cycle, who flips the mic so well?
Hell without bail, in jams packed like jail-cells
Theres no escaping, once my blade starts scrapin'
Niggas flakin', wannabe MCs is shakin'
My sword indeed make more niggas bleed
So swift naked eye couldn't record the speed
I lost ya, wit that offer
Nigga that'll cost ya
Feel the strings of torture
Bust him in the half gal
Of some shitty drink 'n'
They got him thinkin'
That he could crash his ship and he'll be sinkin'
I told him "Come back when you're sober."
Drunk ass punk on a motherfuckin' Hunt for Red October
Don't even catch me when I'm blunted
Rhymes start runnin' like loops on a Sv-1200
Instruments the terror on warship, its corporate
Visual niggas paint portraits

[Verse Two: RZA]
Yo, Check the mic line for wire-taps
...we're under attack, man your stations, take aim, proceed...
Fire back, all hands on deck
Cadet, Vets, insert cassettes
Tracks snap heads like berettes
Catch web sites like Internet, I detected vehicles approaching from the East...
Pass the infrared binoculars Captain so I can see
Sound the alarm
Call for the suicidal kamikaze ninjas with the bombs
Flashes of neon, all we saw was flying arms
Anytime I come by, alumni cut short their air supply
Send 'em back like George McFly
I be holdin' this
Travel ground like a motorist
Poisonous gas released from my track its odorless and tasteless
Like Ghost is Face-less
Which allowed the God to break backs, and beat a hundred cases
MCs heads weave like trees in a breeze to rhymes like these
Underwater flow strike like torpedos
You'll get plugged more than Del Rio
Played short like De Vito
Split the fuck up like Mike Jack and tito
Sword cuts sharper than concorde needles
Call my second private
...tell 'em write this important message to Cypress...
I heard y'all coassisted on the island with Dr. Titus
And they just released a new deadly virus
To infiltrate the Western States
Its time to pump out more rap tapes
And use the Wu-Tang symbol to communicate
RZA over and out...